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National Puzzle Day with the Family

ByNiño QuizonJanuary 30, 2023
child playing puzzle with mom
National Puzzle Day is nearing, it’s on January 29! It’s the perfect day to do some brain exercises and spend time with the family, especially since it lands on a Sunday. Puzzles can be a range of activities like crosswords, sudoku, word search puzzles, and even the traditional jigsaw puzzles. There are lots of types of puzzles but jigsaw may be the best one to do with the family. Not only will it be a bonding moment but it’s actually a simple yet great way for mamas and papas to introduce their little ones to brain exercise activities.
Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw puzzles is the type of puzzle game that involves assembling irregular pieces to form one whole picture. It may seem simple because it just requires putting pieces together unlike other complicated puzzles, right? Actually, no. This puzzle also needs a lot of effort and squeezing of the brain so it can be completed. Don’t be overwhelmed because exercising the brain this way can be a lot of fun! And it also gives off plenty of benefits both to adults and children.
Improve mental sharpness
Jigsaw puzzles and other types of puzzles can all help improve mental sharpness in various ways. These can improve one’s IQ because of the needed understanding to solve a puzzle. Puzzles can also enhance short-term memory with the connecting of the brain cells that happens when one uses mental speed of recalling memories during the activity. These can also exercise both sides of the brain which will also be perfect for beans, toddlers, and preschoolers. While they’re young, they will be exposed to using both their logical (left) and creative and intuition (right) sides through doing puzzles. Finally, abilities like virtual-spatial reasoning, attention to detail, and problem solving can all be improved because one focuses and gives more attention to thinking and solving the puzzle in every angle.
Stress reliever
Puzzle games like jigsaw puzzles act as brain stimulators while resting the mind. Giving full attention to simply solve a puzzle gives one the chance to enter a meditative state. They close their thoughts from the external environment and just focus on working with the brain for the puzzle. In the end, it helps everyone feel relaxed and separated from tensions.
Collaboration and teamwork
Most puzzles, especially jigsaws, are more fun to work with when with other people. Family, friends, or co-workers, it can help one to improve collaboration skills and how to work with teams. And speaking of family, it will be a great way to start letting the little ones be exposed to teamwork. Doing puzzles with the family will give them learning experience on working with people. So once they collaborate with others outside of the family like friends or classmates, they already have an idea and are prepared.
Family bonding
Puzzles are a great way to spend time with the family and like mentioned, jigsaw puzzles may be the best type for this one. Mamas and papas can work with their little ones to form the jigsaw picture and while doing so, can be a time to bond and talk. Truly a fun way to spend the National Puzzle Day!
Puzzles to Try
Of course celebrating National Puzzle Day will not be complete without some recommendations of puzzle sets! Here are different kinds for the family to try.
Anko Puzzles
Animal Puzzles
Themed Sets
Have Fun Puzzling!
The celebration may have landed on a weekend for a reason - to spend it with the family! Like it was said, doing puzzles are for everyone. There are sets perfect to educate beans, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and all the little ones out there. There are also sets to keep adults and young adults intrigued. No matter what kind of puzzle that may be, it’s sure that a fun image will be assembled at the end of the day!
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