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ByMica ValledorNovember 17, 2022
Asian baby boy playing wooden stack rings
Nowadays, when you look at most of the toys you find on the market, you’ll notice that a lot of them have something in common. Of course, there is the fact that they’re all fun to play with. However, there’s something that a lot of them share on a literal surface level too: they’re made out of plastic or a similar polymer.
This isn’t to say that plastic is a bad thing. However, sometimes plastic toys can get old. Since most toys are plastic, they can sometimes be a little dull in a sense. Of course, there are also toys made from other materials, however, not a lot of toys are made out of wood. You could argue that wooden toys are a thing of a past. Considering that there are tons of other ways to make nice toys, it would make sense.
Still, wooden toys bring about something different. If they’re made right and well, they can look amazing and still keep up in terms of quality with other toys. Aside from that, they’ll stand out as being made from something that isn’t used as much. This is what Anko aims to do: bring out a different kind of toy for your kids to enjoy! With that in mind, here are some Anko toys that would make for great playthings for your kids!
Wooden Stacking Rings
Stacking rings are one of the most basic toys you can find. They’re also one of the first few toys that most toddlers have when growing up. For many reasons, it’s a good starter toy. It helps toddlers with sensory stimuli, such as touch and sight. It also helps them develop their fine motor skills, especially when they move the rings or stack them. Anko helps level up this type of toy by making a wooden version of it. It looks just as good as any other variation of this toy, and it gets the job done. What’s more, you can bet it’s sturdy and made with quality materials.
Dollhouse Bedroom
Another toy that most kids come across in their lives would be dollhouses and the like. These toys help stimulate a child’s imagination, helping them pretend to have little families and allowing them to imagine them doing everyday things that they find themselves doing too. With this Anko version of a dollhouse bedroom, you’re sure to get a quality toy! Not only does it come with a complete bedroom set, it’s also made out of wood. So, you can bet that it’s a sturdy toy in terms of construction and also because it’s wooden, a sturdy material in itself. This dollhouse bedroom set will not only help your child imagine playing house, but it’ll last long enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes with children playing with their toys.
Cappuccino Set
Young kids love playing pretend. It’s a natural part of their growing-up process. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that they’d have the right toys to help them get immersed in playing pretend. In this case, this Babychino set would be another perfect toy for them to play pretend with. This is because it’s a 9-piece set, with things such as coffee takeout cups, cookies, and even sugar and creamer containers. If that wasn’t enough, they’re also made out of wood, which means two things: they’re sturdy and feel hefty enough to pass off as the real thing. So, this is another perfect toy for that immersive pretend play experience!
Toaster Set
Admittedly, some kids toys can seem a little strange to the adult eye. For example, a wooden toaster toy may seem a little odd for a parent to have. However, children see the world differently, especially when they’re really young. So, while an adult may not see how a toaster toy would be interesting, a child may see it as yet another tool in their pretend play times. What’s more, having one made out of wood would make it feel close to the real thing because it feels heavy and not made out of plastic! Aside from that, its wooden construction would also mean that it’s sturdy and made to last for all the play times to come. So, it’s still a perfect choice for a toy!
Dollhouse Lounge Set
Here’s yet another dollhouse accessory! Of course, this set is a living room set, complete with an L-shaped couch, a coffee table, and a side table. It’s almost a complete set! The only things missing are your child and their imagination. For kids that love playing pretend and imagining away during their playtimes, this lounge set is another perfect way for them to imagine their toys doing the everyday things they do with you. What’s more, these toys are finely crafted and made with great detail that they’re almost like the real thing–the only difference is they’re smaller. So, if you want to give your child more tools to let their imagination run free, this is another great choice to consider.
Toys You Wood Likely Consider
Wooden toys are a rare sight nowadays. Of course, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have toys made from other materials, whether it be wood, aluminum, or what have you, sometimes having a little something different is also good. Fortunately, companies like Anko are doing exactly that. They want to give your child some toys that are different and stand out in a good way! What’s more, they’re toys that you’re sure will last and be invaluable tools for their playtimes as they grow and develop. For any edamama, that’s always a good thing. So, if you’re thinking of getting something different, consider some of the Anko toys we’ve listed here. It’s always worth consideration. For all you know, it’ll be your child’s next favorite toy!
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