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Learn even on holidays: Science toys and learning kits for children

ByTiffany ReyesDecember 23, 2022
Toddler playing science experiment at home
The holiday season calls for a break from anything school related but children can still learn through play. If you have children who like to experiment, ask questions and seek answers, then these toys are worth the investment.
For your little one’s lab
Teach measuring and have hours of fun pouring liquids (a fun exercise to improve dexterity and focus), with a liquid measurement set. The set comes with 5 Measuring Jars, 3 Liquid Measurers, 5 Measuring Cups, and 6 Measuring Spoons.Set includes: Liquid Measuring: cup: (8oz/250ml), pint: (16oz/500ml), quart: (32oz/1000ml); Standard Spoons: 1/4, 1/2, 1. Perfect addition for a mini laboratory!
For the ultimate lab experience, a primary science lab test is your best bet! This set comes with a beaker, Magnifying glass, Funnel, Eyedropper, Flask, Tweezers, Goggles, 1 Large 6' test tube (with lid and stand), 2 Small test tubes (with lids and a stand), and 10 activity cards.
Toddlers will have an awesome time with jumbo eyedroppers that they can press repeatedly. Improve children’s hand grip and dexterity with colorful eye droppers that are perfect for exploring.
Meanwhile, for older kids, there’s no need to wait for scheduled lab classes in school. Your 8-yr old can zoom on the world’s little wonders with a portable science microscope, which also comes with 12 slides. Make use of technology and use your mobile phone to take photos of the slides.
For awesome experiments
These activities need adult supervision, so it’ll be a perfect opportunity for a family bonding time. Build core memories with these DIY experiments like making your own slime with a kit from the best in Science National Geographic (inclusions: slime powder, stirring stick, storage container, and a full-color learning guide with instructions).
You can also make your own volcano, and explain the process of volcanic eruption. The kit comes with a bag of plaster powder, citric acid, baking soda, measuring cup, paint strips, paint brush, volcano mold, muddler, safety goggles and an instruction booklet.
Astronomy and engine fans will enjoy building their own cosmic jet rocket. It’s an ultimate experience for kids who love learning about the solar system. Blast off!
Future botanists will also have fun exploring the growth of plants with this experiment kit that comes with accessories for a valuable learning time.
Fun DIYs
Teach children how everyday things are made. Show children how that soap on the lavatory came to be with a DIY soap making kit; or how LED lamps light up with a twist, through the Lava Lamp DIY kit.
Make movie-at-home a fun experience with your very own DIY smartphone projector kit. Design your own projector and develop art skills while subtly learning about the physics of light.
After a fun playtime, refresh with a popsicle that you and your children created! Pick these dinosaur ice pop molds and teach how liquid can turn into solid when exposed to high temperatures.
Anatomy and paleontology
Do your kids love learning about the human body? Supplement your science books with a tangible toy like this wooden anatomy puzzle, which is made of non-toxic and durable materials. Kids aged 2 years and up will improve their hand-eye coordination and spatial perception.
Building blocks will also help your children learn to be more creative and develop analytical skills. This dinosaur-themed Duplo set spells double the fun! You can also act ala paleontologists with some fossil-digging play, which teaches kids not only science but also patience and determination.
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