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Six Must-Haves in your Furmama Bag

ByMonica OtayzaSeptember 11, 2022
Every furmama needs a designated bag whether you’re headed to the beach, park, or mall. While you’re likely to throw a lot of things into your bag, there are a few essentials that should never be forgotten:
Bag of Treats
If you’re going to be out the entire day, make sure to pack some food or treats with you in case your furbaby gets hungry. Pro tip? Pack the food or treats in a plastic container so you can easily take the cover off and use it as a makeshift food bowl.
Poop Bags
We all need to be responsible furparents – please look out for your neighbors and pick up your furball’s litter. Pack some poop bags in a reusable waste bag dispenser and bring it with you in your furmama bag.
Extra Leash
It’s better to be safe than sorry. While you’re likely not to need this leash every time you go out, having one in case of emergencies can save you from stressing out.
Wet Wipes
No one wants their furbaby coming home dirty. Having some wet wipes in your furmama bag can help you clean your furbaby’s dirty paws and tidy up their mouths after a fun day out.
Chew Toy
While your furbaby will likely be distracted enough not to play with their chew toy, having one can come in handy while at the park. Play a game of fetch with your pup, or have them play with the toy while in transit, or while you’re finishing your meal or cup of afternoon coffee.
Water Bottle and Bowl
Don’t leave your furball dehydrated after an afternoon out strolling by packing water and a bowl for them. Whenever you notice your pet panting or slowing down after a stroll, offer them water before going on with your day.
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