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Starter Needs for a Nursery

ByEdamama Editorial TeamJanuary 6, 2023
Organizing your nursery is really an exciting time for mamas and papas! It also represents a step in the preparation of your bean’s arrival. But this process also needs your time, effort, and of course budget. Some parents tend to become too thrilled that they mostly have wants instead of needs. To avoid that, we created a list of essentials for you to have in your bean’s room. These involve a variety of necessities for different purposes.
For a Sleeping Bean
Crib or Bassinet
At the top of the list is where your bean will sleep. Cribs usually occupy larger space compared to a bassinet. In this case, the size of the room might also play a part in making your choice. But no matter what you decide on, be sure that the crib or bassinet is sturdy. Your bean will mostly sleep here so especially for infants, safety is a must. To have no worries with this, we have some options for you, be it cribs or bassinets.
Next is what you will put in the crib or the bassinet. Just like us adults, beans will have a good night’s sleep if the mattress is breathable and comfortable. Mamas and papas like you of course don’t want your bean to struggle sleeping, right? With that, we have some to partner with your cribs along with a mattress protector too.
Newborn beans have been used to the warmth and comfort of the womb. When with you, they are also usually within your arms. So have some swaddles for your bean for the first few months. This will help them sleep better as they remain comfortable and warm throughout their sleep. We have a variety of swaddles for you to choose from so find the perfect one for your bean today.
Crib sheets
While the mattress can be the center of comfort during sleeping, having crib sheets can enhance this too. Just be sure to choose soft, smooth, and breathable ones. We do have a couple of options for you and these can also enhance the vibrance of your sleep essentials with various designs.
For organization and storage
Dresser and changing pad
By the name itself, a dresser will be the main storage space for your bean’s clothes, accessories, body care, and other materials. This can also be a multi-purpose furniture with the presence of the changing pad. Its tabletop can serve as the area to change diapers instead of having a separate changing table. A space saver in the nursery, right? We got a quality one for you with the Babyletto Hudson 3 Drawer Dresser and Pure Contour Changing Pad.
Other storage needs
Another essential to keep your nursery organized are baskets or hampers. These can be convenient for putting away stuff and being easy to reach when changing your bean’s diapers. Aside from that, these can be by your side when you are feeding your bean. It can be messy sometimes so this essential comes in handy during those times.
Racks or shelves are also a need. If dressers and bins are mostly for clothes and similar accessories, these help organize toys, books, and other materials you received as gifts from the baby shower and other events. The furniture allows these materials to be stored and also seen easily when they are needed.
Check out what we have for you when it comes to organization and storage essentials!
For Safety
Beans in a crib or bassinet will be sleeping at a height. Not only that, there will be hard surfaces around them there too. Some of them tend to move while asleep but we don’t want to constantly disturb their naps just to ensure they will not hurt themselves, right? Bumpers are necessary to have a safer sleeping area for your beans. If you still lack one, take a look at some of our options for you.
Corner guards
Your bean will already be crawling around the room in just a few months. While we want them to move and explore around, mamas and papas must prioritize safety as well. Baby proof the nursery room, if not the whole household, to keep your bean from bumping into hard edged corners. Corner guards serve as prepared protection to make your bean’s first world a safe space. You can start baby proofing already with our products because your bean might learn to move around in no time.
Time for the Extras
The essentials mentioned serve as starter needs when the nursery is still at the beginning phase. The question is, have you got them already? If so, you can now complete your bean’s room with other materials depending on your preference, personal needs, and budget. You can explore our nursery products if you want some pillows, mats, rails, decors, and other stuff too!
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