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Thank you for coming back Let’s End 2023 Together!

ByTrinity MatiasDecember 27, 2023
You’re here again and we’re thrilled to have you back! As a thank you, we want to make it extra special for you. Throughout 2023, we have been dedicated to bringing you the best deals and discounts, and having your continued support is the highlight of it all. 
We're thrilled to present another fantastic offer this holiday season: an exclusive 10% discount on your beloved edamama products! Just enter the code YES10 at checkout to enjoy this delightful 10% saving, and there's no minimum spend needed, plus free shipping is included. But that's not all – you can also take advantage of complimentary shipping on orders of P499 or more by using the code YESFS. These special deals are our way of expressing gratitude for your ongoing support as a valued member of the edamama family throughout the year!
Indulge in the finest discounts and special offers from your favorite mama and baby brands! Be sure not to miss out on the fantastic deals coming your way from these featured brands:
bean: Embrace the journey of motherhood with bean, a brand that resonates with both the joys and challenges of parenting. bean advocates for sustainability and practicality in all aspects. Nurture your little one with their clothing pieces and witness them grow!
Cottonkind: Cottonkind is dedicated to fostering a kinder world through ethical and sustainable fashion. This brand specializes in their organic cotton clothing for both mothers and their children.
Seams 195: Boost your little adventurer's style with the cozy and fashionable offerings of Seams 195. All crafted from a blend of soft and breathable cotton, nylon, and polyester elastane, these outfits are designed for utmost comfort. 
Anko: Discover the essence of joy and inspiration in every nook of your home with Anko. This brand specializes in creating functional, practical, and useful and minimalist home and lifestyle pieces tailored to meet the needs of every family at budget-friendly prices.
Tiny Buds: Tiny Buds is dedicated to making every mama's life easier. They secured its place as one of the top baby personal care brands with the commitment to using gentle ingredients crafted with love ensures that each product is a testament to quality and care.
NIVEA: NIVEA has been a stalwart in helping individuals embrace the goodness of their own skin. As one of the world's largest skincare brands, this brand boasts a comprehensive range of over 50 scientifically researched and tested products. They are committed to constant product enhancement and groundbreaking discoveries in effective skincare. 
Cetaphil: Cetaphil remains dedicated to advancing skin science for optimal sensitive skincare solutions from babies to adults. Each of their products is meticulously formulated to cater to all types of sensitive skin, ensuring a commitment to excellence in skincare.
Know what you're getting already? Here’s an extra tip from us: Check on our available cheat sheets for more exciting discounts! Click on this link to know more.
Mark your calendars, set those app notifications, and gear up for an epic year-end shopping extravaganza. We're delighted to consistently bring joy to your shopping experience, and we believe you'll be thrilled with this amazing opportunity to indulge and save. Here's to a hearty welcome back to the edamama family!