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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Mama Who Has It All

ByMonica OtayzaNovember 4, 2022
Woman holding a Christmas gift
There are some people who are just so difficult to give gifts to, because they seem to have everything they could possibly need. Even though they seem to have it all, there are still some things you can give them to make them feel special and loved this coming Christmas season.
Are you running out of ideas on what to give? Here are some practical gifts that anyone would enjoy receiving underneath their Christmas tree:
1.) Photobook Personalized Coaster | Flower | e-Voucher - Php300
Giving personalized gifts are always a favorite come Christmas time, because it’s a well-thought-of gift that makes anyone feel loved. Photobook creates Personalized Coasters for only Php300 each. Gift a set to your mama friends so they’re always reminded of your thoughtfulness every time they use it with their family.
2.) Sunbeams Lifestyle Gray Label Premium Memo Board - Php459.75
Mamas love to organize their days, and what better way to keep track of her to-do list but with a premium memo board which she can easily mount to the wall? She’ll have the liberty to decorate the board to her liking, and doing so will definitely keep her motivated to accomplish her daily tasks.
3.) Garden in a Pot Plant Kit - Php95
For all the plantitas and plant mamas on your list, Plant Rainbow PH’s Garden in a Pot Plant Kit is a unique gift they’ll definitely enjoy working on. It’s an introduction to sustainable living, because you’re allowing them to grow their own food! Choose from different crops like Eggplant, Cucumber, Bell Pepper, Okra, Red Chili, and more, or give more than one set for an even better planting experience.
4.) Offblak Tea (12 teabags) - Php445
One of the most practical gifts you can give is a box of tea that your loved one can pull out of the shelf and enjoy at any time of the day. Offblak introduces a new generation of tea with numerous benefits. It’s a detox that is enjoyable, filled with antioxidants, Vitamin C, and other anti-inflammatory properties that get rid of free radicals in the body. Their body will thank you for this gift!
5.) Laudate Mariam Personalized St. Michael Bracelet - Php599
Customize a religious St. Michael bracelet for your loved one by choosing its beads made of semi-precious stones (chrysocolla, corales red, hematite, rose quartz, and sodalite are available), and even its length! The St. Michael bracelet aims to protect its wearer and their family from harm. It comes with a pendant made of 100% stainless steel, making it free from rust. Make it all the more special by engraving a name, message, or word behind the pendant before gifting it to a loved one.
6.) Happy Skin Serum Massage Set (Cleansing Gel + Serum + Massage Device) - Php1799 (from Php2297)
Promote self-care with this indulgent gift bundle which includes Happy Skin’s new facial cleansing and massaging silicone rechargeable device, hyaluronic soothing cleansing gel, and B3 boost capsule serum. This bundle allows the user to gently deep cleanse and invigorate their skin to promote blood flow and keep it plump and hydrated.
7.) Savonille Skincare Essentials Tea Tree Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer - Php450
You can’t go wrong with giving a moisturizing hand sanitizer, especially now that everyone’s looking after their health. Savonille’s hand sanitizer line is gentle, yet effective in keeping skin healthy and clean. It includes anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which keep germs and bacteria away, yet soothe the skin from dryness.
8.) Dove Botanical Anti Hair Fall Primrose Shampoo and Conditioner 450mL Set - Php798
Dove’s Botanical collection uses gentle formulas infused with 100% botanical oil, making it a good shampoo and conditioner set for daily use. Give a set to your loved ones this Christmas season, which serves as a reminder for them to practice self-care even in the most simple way.
9.) Raw Bites Snacks - Php75 to 115
Make a gift set out of Raw Bites’ 50-60g snack packs. From Cacao Nibs to Cashews to Almonds, they have several snack options that anyone would enjoy.
10.) Happy Island Soy Candle (10oz) Php799
A soy candle is the perfect all-around gift for any place whether it be for the home or office. Happy Island’s wide selection of soy candles has aromatic scents that promote relaxation and calmness to its users.
11.) Lucas Papaw Soothing Ointment (25g) - Php599
A healing gift that anyone would appreciate is Lucas Papaw Ointment, made with fresh Australian papaw. It is used as a skin care ointment that treats dryness, acne, blemishes, redness, rashes, insect bites, and more.
12.) L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Lipstick - Php499
Every woman needs a good lipstick in her purse, and L’Oreal Paris is a tried-and-tested brand that women worldwide trust. Give your lady friends the Rouge Signature lipstick to boost their confidence, making them ready for wherever the day takes them.
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