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Things I Learned as A Furmama

ByMica ValledorMay 29, 2023
Woman hugging a dog
At edamama, you can already tell by our names what we’re about. We’re essentially about moms, mommies, mommas, mamas, and what have you. While being a mother entails having a baby and taking care of your children, you could also argue that the concept of “motherhood” can go beyond just that. For example, even if you don’t have children of your own, you can still be a mother to your nephews, nieces, and friends’ children.
Of course, we can talk about the meaning of what it is to be a mother and even the semantics. However, that conversation may go on for days on end. It’s also unnecessary as we here believe that being a mother can come in many ways, shapes, and forms.
With that in mind, I’m here to tell you about what it’s like being a furmama to my very own furbaby dog. While it may not seem like the typical things you’d find here at edamama, there are still some things you can take from my experience as a furmama–especially for you other furmamas or would-be furmamas out there!
My Furbaby
Before we go on and talk about my experience and the things I learned, it’s good to give you a little idea of how I became a furparent. Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted a dog. However, my parents wouldn’t let me have one for various reasons–including but not limited to not having enough space for one, being unable to handle the responsibility of having a pet, and not having the time to spend training it in the first place.
Little did I know that would all change years later. Back then, we had a neighbor who lived by herself and loved animals–so much so that she’d have dozens of love birds and a handful of dogs to take care of. She was an excellent friend and eventually a beloved neighbor.
However, her age would catch up to her, and unfortunately, this meant that she wouldn’t be able to take care of her pet animals. So, she had to give them all away. Due to this circumstance, we ended up getting one of her pet dogs–a shih tzu.
Her nephew knew we took care of her pets while she was hospitalized and figured it would be good if we could keep one of them. So, we ended up getting little Pango–that’s with a hard g, like in “mango.”
Pango after his first 3 months with us.
Things I Learned
Our furry baby’s been with my family since 2013. That’s 9 wonderful years so far. However, to say those nine years with him were easy would be far from the truth. As any furparent would know, having a loved pet comes with a fair share of struggles and rewarding moments, and the same could definitely be said about Pango.
Much like taking care of a child or going through several life experiences, there are things that you learn when you become a furmama–especially if you’re a first-timer. You learn some things the hard way, while others learn as you go along. Whatever the case, being a furparent is an experience where you learn things as you go along. With that in mind, here are some lessons I learned along the way.
The Vet is Your Best Friend
This may probably be one of the most obvious things you learn as a first-time furmama, but this is also one that’s worth reiterating. Much like how you’d take your child to a pediatrician to help ensure they’re healthy, taking your dog to a vet is a must! Veterinarians know animals inside out and have the expertise it takes to know how to keep your little canine companion. Since pets can’t verbalize what’s bothering them, it only makes sense that you have the vet help you figure that out.
I can’t count how many times I’ve had so many close calls and scary experiences wondering what was wrong with Pango–from dengue to a parasitic infection–that a vet was able to help us through.
Vets are a godsend, especially if you’re new to the whole furmama/furparent thing. That’s why it’s important to find a good vet. Of course, it’s also good to always ask questions, especially if you aren’t too sure about something.
Pango after a visit to the vet for an infection.
Stock Up on Your Patience
Another thing you learn as a furmama is to have patience and lots of it. Of course, you hear other furmommies and furparents talk about how crazy things can get when taking care of your furry companion. However, stories and anecdotes still don’t compare to actual experiences.
Whether it’s teaching your dog not to tinkle inside the house or trying to get them to stop barking at the wall, there are a lot of times where you’ll find yourself at your wits end with them.
Unfortunately, these things come with the responsibilities of being a furmama. If anything, it’s something that’s bound to happen no matter what kind of dog you own or how well-trained they are. Dogs will be dogs one way or another, and there’s no avoiding it. So, while you can train your dog and do what you can to help make them as pleasant of a companion as possible, it will still take a lot of time and patience.
They’re Worth The Trouble
Taking care of a dog–or any other furbaby for that matter–is tedious and troublesome. However, at the end of the day, there will be moments when you realize that they’re worth all the trouble they come with. Sure, there will be bad or difficult days, but, there will also be a ton of good days that help show you how rewarding it is to go through all that.
Whether it’s seeing them look at you with a seemingly-loving gaze and having a quiet moment with them or having a good day out with them, there will be those times where you’ll be happy to have them around.
For example, on some days Pango would just go up to me, sit down, and stare at me. Of course, he’d wait for me to give him a pet or some belly rubs. However, the fact that he trusts me enough to go up to me and hope to get some love warms my heart because I know he knows I love him.
Pango having a little joyride.
That’s What Friends are Fur
While this article can’t fully encapsulate the relationship I have with my little furry babt, you could say its a peek at how things are for me as a furmama. It’s a crazy experience where you find yourself learning things on the fly while trying to not lose your marbles.
Despite the troubles, it’s still worth it. Sure, it’s not the conventional way of viewing parenthood, but you could at least say it’s pretty close. Additionally, all trouble aside, I could still say it’s worth it because of how rewarding it feels to have him look at me with the loving eyes he has.
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