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Things to Consider Before Buying a Crib

ByNiño QuizonFebruary 15, 2023
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We can all probably agree that in building your bean’s nursery, the baby crib would be the most important part of the room. This is where the little one will get their good night’s sleep, afternoon naps, rest, and can even serve as a crib playpen. For those reasons, it has to be perfect. But how do we identify perfection when choosing one? Should it be based on the material and be a wooden crib? Or the space for the bean so the crib size must be within standards? These may be factors too but it takes a lot more than simply looking at what the baby crib is made of or its dimensions. We’ll run you mamas and papas on how to make your baby crib investment worth it and perfect for your bean.
Looking at the Baby Crib Factors
Stability and Durability
We will go through a few other factors to consider when buying a baby crib but it’s important to know that the strength of the product should be prioritized. Mamas and papas can opt for wooden cribs, iron cribs, or bassinets. But a part of all these moves, it should be made sure that the product is stable and durable enough for your bean. The little one will start to gain weight and grow in a blink of an eye. Also, it will be in a matter of time before they start standing up on the baby crib and even hold onto the rails. So having strong furniture is essential for the safety and possibly comfortability of your bean.
Checking the measurements and the size of the baby crib should also be considered. This will play a factor in the consumption of the area of the nursery and the comfortable space for your bean. The interior dimensions when it comes to the crib size standard is usually 28″ wide and 52 3/8″ long with a plus/minus allowance of 5/8″. The interior size should be focused on because later on, the crib mattress should perfectly fit the baby crib and if there’s enough space for other items like crib bumpers. But there are times when families need a compact crib or bassinet. That’s okay because there are a number of space saving options in the shop today! And later, you will find out why an Akeeva crib will be perfect for this situation.
Conversion Capabilities
Some baby cribs today are designed for the long-term. Meaning, they can adapt as your bean grows. We may have discussed the crib size standards but there are options with conversion capabilities that can transform a baby crib into a toddler bed already. Having furniture with a conversion kit is a thing to consider if mamas and papas are looking for quick transitions because your bean may need that space sooner or later.
Last but not the least, having multiple purposes can be something to look at before purchasing a baby crib. There are products today that are designed not just to be the sleeping area for beans, but transform into a crib playpen and even diaper changing area too. This factor will definitely result in saving space for your nursery and saving time being a “one-stop-shop” already. You will know later why Greco cribs can be a great choice when talking about having various functions in one.
It’s Now Time to Get That Crib!
Now that you have gained some ideas on how to choose the perfect crib for your bean, why not check out the cribs and bassinets we can offer you! If by any chance you’re in a rush to decide, give a look at our 2023 Brand Awards for Nursery needs and see which crib and crib accessories made the list. But apart from that, if you want some of our recommendations, then we got them for you.
Classic Wooden Crib
There’s nothing wrong with baby cribs made out of the classic material. Checking out some of our product lists, these wooden cribs can surely provide stability and durability for your bean. A few on the list includes Lily and Tucker Tyler Crib, Cuddlebug Madison 3 in 1 Convertible Crib, and Babyletto 3 in 1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit. You can still see a bunch more wooden cribs once you get to explore our options and all of these are guaranteed to be made from quality wood materials.
Graco Crib
Choosing Graco can mean choosing innovativeness as they are known to have the first automatic baby swing. They have been assisting in parenthood for years and have been using their attribute of being innovative to provide comfort and convenience through bean gears. That’s why Graco cribs and bassinets are an option to look at too and they have different models in the category. Mamas and papas will surely get the attention of the Graco Anywhere Dreamer Playard, Graco PNP with Reversible Napper and Changer Boden, and the Graco Pack n Play Base Folding Feet Stratus.
Akeeva Crib
We learned earlier that space can be a factor for some mamas and papas when choosing a crib. If that’s a major detail for the family, then an Akeeva Crib is something we can recommend. Their Akeeva Luxury Space Saver Playpen (Faro) is a multi-functional baby crib that can definitely address your nursery essential, space saving needs, and crib playpen wants of your bean. The Akeeva Crib is definitely reliable during times of being on the move because of its simple assembling process. Truly a game changer, right?
What’s next?
Having the perfect crib is like finishing taking that big first step. Now it’s time to follow that up with some small moves. We did mention crib accessories earlier being part of our 2023 Brand Awards for Nursery, right? Well, here’s what you can support your baby crib with and some few reminders for the long-run.
A soft crib mattress
What if we told you that this can add to the safety of your bean when they are sleeping, napping, or simply resting? Yes, a crib mattress determines the comfortability of the little one yet it also enhances the safe area of the bean if it is durable enough. Choosing the perfect crib mattress is critical as it should both fit the baby crib and be sturdy for the bean. You can lessen the hassle of finding the perfect one since we got some options to offer you.
More safety precautions
It is possible for beans to move quite a lot even when asleep. So, it is important to have “safety” all around them. Having crib bumpers present within your baby crib helps protect your bean during their sudden movements in sleep or while lying down. Mamas and papas do need to always keep an eye on their beans during the infant stage. But without a doubt, it’s definitely better to be extra cautious when it comes to their physical safety. And come to think of it, crib bumpers can also brighten your baby crib and the nursery as a whole depending on its design. Look no further because we got a couple of stylish yet reliable choices for you.
Don’t forget…
We went through the critical factors to consider when choosing a baby crib. We also laid down a variety of recommendations. But before you go on your shopping spree for your bean’s crib, we got some few things for mamas and papas to remember:
  • Safety is the number one priority! Keep in mind the quality - if it brings stability and durability, the extra precautions for your bean like the crib bumpers, and it’s also needed to watch out for the edges once they start standing and moving around the crib playpen.
  • Choose the perfect crib mattress considering the size, durability, and comfort. But be sure that it’s a crib mattress and not any type of mattress! Some parents tend to improvise if the baby crib set does not come with its own crib mattress. The item is best for infants and toddlers as they can be more comfortable sleeping on these. And if you’re going to buy, be sure to purchase only new mattresses. Used crib mattresses may be risky for beans and their health.
  • Buying used items is not only applicable to crib mattresses but also to the baby crib itself. As much as possible, avoid going for used cribs because these can already be worn out, have missing minor pieces, or the re-assembly might have been poor. These situations can put your bean’s safety at risk. That’s why you can count on us to bring you quality items, like our recommended ones, which includes budget-friendly options.
  • When using crib bumpers, make sure that your crib fits the crib size standard so there will be enough space for the bean to move and breathe. It is not recommended to have bulky crib bumpers in very compact baby cribs or bassinets.
Baby cribs are essential for beans getting their sleep. So be sure to really take the time to explore what the perfect baby crib is for them and your nursery. Have fun shopping and good luck, mamas and papas!
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