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Time for end-of-year cleaning: Here are tools to help you, mama

ByTiffany ReyesDecember 27, 2022
Woman cleaning glass window
The New Year often brings a fresh set of motivations to start anew. This is why many people embark on weight-loss programs, try to learn new skills or hobbies, or start new projects during the first few weeks of the year.
One of the most productive New Year activities we can embark on though, is actually quite simple: a New Year General Cleaning. What sets this type of cleaning apart from other kinds of general cleaning is that you need to orient your cleaning around starting the year from a clean slate.
This entails a lot of decluttering, disinfecting, and reorganizing. Here are some tools to aid you in our quest for a cleaner abode.
Home disinfection
Like to give the house a nice scrub? Try out the Sunbeams Lifestyle Scrubz Multi-Purpose Brush. The brush comes with a comfortable non-slip handle, which makes scrubbing easy.
Another handy scrubbing tool is the Zippies Earth Sponge Scrubber. It is completely plant-based and free from chemicals, but it is tough on dirty surfaces. This special sponge is also biodegradable.
Want an effective dishwashing liquid that is all-natural? The Naturezyme Dishwashing Concentrate Lemon (500ml) may be the product for you. It is an all-purpose dishwashing formula that can be used for other washables as well. It cleans effectively but is mild on hands. This product is also available in kalamansi variant.
Looking for a safer alternative? Use a disinfectant that’s okay to use for homes with pets and kids like the Germisep Disinfectant tablets.
Make mopping easier and more fun with the Sunbeams Lifestyle Scrubz Mop Microfiber. Spraying cleaning liquid and mopping up are combined in this easy-to-use device. The 360-degree rotation head allows you to reach tight corners and angles.
Want a nice aroma to fill parts of your home? Messy Bessy’s Room and Linen Spray leaves your room smelling fresh. Spray some on you bedsheets, upholstery, even on fresh laundry for that hotel scent feel.
Remove gunk and oil-induced smell in your kitchen with Kurin Kitchen Essentials. Say goodbye to kitchen cleaning tantrums.
For your laundry or backyard area, try adding Farcent Scented Gel Mosquito Repellant for a crisper scent plus a tool against mosquitoes.
Electric cleaning buddies
Want to vacuum while doing other chores? The Lenovo Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Inertial Navigation E1-L may be your best friend. Just turn it on and it will clean your floor while you do other tasks. It is also equipped with a HEPA filter for better cleaning and vacuuming.
Clean your sofa, beds and other furniture in your home with UV Care’s Antibacterial Vacuum, which guarantees that effective cleaning against mites, bed bugs, microbes, and viruses.
Organize, organize, organize
Organize and store your stuff with the Essa Homes Solutions Storage Box. This BPA-free plastic box has sturdy handles, rolly wheels, and snap locks. It comes in various sizes (30L, 50L, 70L) for your different storage needs.
Clear up floor space and give those loose toys a home with a Harper and Chase Organizer shelf. Its fun colorful design may even entice your kids to clean up!
In the kitchen, put those veggies, condiments, or other cooking essentials in this durable and mobile Sunbeams Basket Rack.
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