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Tiny Tots Test fun Adorable Toys!

ByTrinity MatiasDecember 12, 2023
Choosing the best toys for our little ones is not an easy task! It requires a lot of thinking in order to determine if it is safe, durable, and can also contribute to one’s growth and development. Thankfully, edamama in collaboration with Anko, prepared the perfect toys for our tiny tots.
Disclaimer: Should you have any issues viewing the youtube video, you may check it out here.
In this new video of edamama, we asked the help of our tiniest and cutest critics to explore and review a few toys from Anko. Five smart and charming kids happily played with the said toys, leaving everyone a great impression on every item. Get to know more about them and the toys they reviewed below!

Little Tots and Their Toys

Meet the Tots
It’s time to introduce the stars of this episode! We have five adorable little ones who made the entire toy review possible – Sophie (6 years old), Onyx (3 years old), Ali (6 years old), Zariah (3 years old), and Olivia (7 years old).
The Toy Test
Now that they have been introduced, the video continues by having their own moments in playing and discovering their respective toys. To start off, Sophie had two toys to play with – the Wooden Dollhouse Kids Bedroom Furniture Set and the Wooden Day Spa Set.
In the video, Sophie went on to identify the inclusions of the Wooden Dollhouse Kids Bedroom Furniture Set, specifically the bedroom essentials. It’s an 11-piece set that includes a bunk bed, felt rug, toy box, bookshelf, doll house, rocket, ladder, two blankets, and two pillows. Since this item consists of small parts, it is suitable for kids aged 3+ years.
Another toy that Sophie tried playing with is the Wooden Day Spa Set that is perfect for adorable kids like her! She identified the various spa items in the playset namely – a bag, body scrub tub, body oil bottle, lotion, bowl, spatula, emery board, towel headband, masks, and cucumber slices. This product is also recommended for kids 3 years and above. After her reviews on the toys, Sophie gave a happy reaction to all of them.
Next in line to make his review was Onyx, together with his Daddy Tom. The assigned toys for review are the Emergency Doctors Play Set and the Wooden Tool Box Set
Onyx really did enjoy doing pretend play as a doctor while having his Dad as his patient! During his review, he tried using the different inclusions in the playset. It includes items like glasses, echometer, hammer, pliers, mouth mirror, auriscope, scalpel, scissors, folder and data cards and comes in a storage box. This product is made suitable for ages 3+ years.
His next toy is what Onyx loved more – his Daddy Tom knew even before Onyx saw and opened the toy! He really knew what the inclusions of the said tool box is for and he tried every item out. When kids play with toys like these, their imaginations and creativity really heightens. Onyx gave his set of toys a happy and clap reaction!
Another tot who loved his toys was Ali! He started playing with the Magnetic Starter Set, where he showcased his creativity by putting together the tiles included in the set. He mentioned that it’s fun to play with them!
Next are the Supermarket Playset and 90-piece Play Food Set. These two are perfect for playing with each other since your little one can pretend to be shopping. The supermarket playset is a 49-piece set that includes a cash register with an opening drawer function – also with a barcode and card reader. It is fully automated and is battery-operated. Just like Ali, your kids will surely love this too.
The next adorable kid to do her own review is Zariah, who got three different toys to explore. First she had the Soft Building Blocks where she had a fun time building a truck out of the blocks! This toy helps in developing the hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills of every little one.
Next is the Wooden Rainbow Castle Block Set where she stacked up all the colorful blocks in the set and ended up liking the outcome! This set has 27 blocks in three shapes and two sizes each. There is a base to help every kid kickstart their stacking.
Lastly, the Doll and Beach Car Set is a very pretty and preppy toy made perfectly for little kids like Zariah! It encourages creative play and development of fine motor skills.
The last precious kid to be featured in the video is Olivia, where she played with the Wooden Suitcase Dollhouse and the Personalized Bead Jewellery Set
Olivia was able to identify almost all of the inclusions in the wooden dollhouse! She successfully set up the pieces in the dollhouse at its perfect place. Not to mention that the suitcase itself is very aesthetically pleasing! 
But among the two products she had to review, the Personalized Bead Jewellery Set is what she enjoyed most! She expressed that she loves making bracelets. Initially, she wanted to make a bracelet for her Mom and Dad. But in the end, she ended up making one for her beloved sister, Akasha. Playing with this jewellery set encourages creative minds and unleashes the arts and crafts side of your little one. Note that adult supervision is recommended because of the tiny pieces included in the set.
All of Anko’s toys have truly captured the hearts of our little critics! Their biggest smiles featured in the video shows how happy they are with the toys they have played with. Now, it’s your turn to bring joy into your child’s playtime! Explore the magical world of Anko toys and let the adventures begin. Visit our website at https://www.edamama.ph/shop/brands/anko for an exclusive look at these delightful creations and make every playtime a cherished memory. Don’t miss out and let the joy unfold this edamamasko po season!
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