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Top 10 Anko Toys for Young Children

ByMica ValledorDecember 1, 2022
Mom and toddler playing
Christmas is right around the corner, mommies! We’re sure you’ve already got your list of holiday presents on lock, but we all know that sometimes, it can never be enough, especially when it comes to our own bundles of joy. But what else can you gift your children this Yuletide season? While presents aren't the only thing that matters at celebrations, we've put together a list of some toys that are perfect for kids of all ages.
So, worry not; we’ve got your back. These top Anko picks will surely capture your child's interest long after they've finished unwrapping them. We at edamama have gathered a few of our top Anko toy picks and put them on this list. We’ve even categorized them according to age so you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect gift for your little one.
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0 to 6 months
Choose safe, straightforward toys for your newborn that promote exploration and unstructured play. During your baby's first six months, simple toys with different sounds, textures, and grips are ideal since these are the toys that promote developmental milestones.
Reversible Padded Mat
The fascinating images on either side of this Padded Mat will keep your young one entertained for hours. It’s soft enough so your baby can have a comfy tummy and playtime, and it features two fun patterns that can keep your child engaged. It is lead-free, PVC-free, BPA-free, and reversible. This is a floor mat that’s suitable for ages 0-6 months.
Wooden Activity Gym
This wooden Activity Gym will bring tons of excitement to your child's playtime. It’s perfect for keeping your child entertained, engaged, and comfortable thanks to the hanging toys, additional hanging holes for the baby's toys, and a detachable, washable play mat. And worry not mommies, the woood is also FSC®-certified making it absolutely safe for your little ones. This play mat helps teach your little ones to explore new textures and promotes fine motor skills.
7 to 12 months
Many 7 to 12-month-olds go through a period of rapid growth and development during this time because some babies quickly start babbling, sitting up by themselves, or even eating solid food. So, this is the best time to add a developmental toy to your child's collection as a token of celebration for these significant achievements. Check out these kid-friendly gifts that are perfect for the holidays for any young person in your life.
Wooden Stacking Rings
The many ways these Stacking Rings may be stacked are sure to provide a fun playtime for your child! This fun toy aids in the instruction and development of creative, auditory, sensory, and tactile skills. Additionally, it helps kids with the instruction and development of visual, cognitive, and fine motor skills.
Exposing your child to different music and sounds is vital, especially during the early development stages. So, giving them toys like Maracas is a great way to expose your little one to interactive musical fun. This maraca toy comes in 2 vibrant colors so your child is bound to be extra entertained whenever they shake the maraca and hear the sounds.
Wooden Stacking Rainbow
Your little ones can put together these vibrant Stacking Rainbow building pieces, going from smallest to largest, to make a mesmerizing rainbow while they learn about one of nature's beauties. It aids with the teaching and development of fine motor, tactile, sensory, and free-play skills. Each piece is also made from FSC® certified wood so you can rest easy knowing that your child is playing with child-safe materials.
1 to 2 years
The best toys for 1 to 2-year-old kids provide a wide range of possibilities for manipulative, hands-on play. Kids of this age might be able to stack, fit, and twist smaller pieces in more accurate ways using their fine motor skills. While some two-year-olds still predominantly engage in "parallel play," others are interested in playing with other children. Playing basic games and playing with age-appropriate toys like the ones listed below with them can help them develop their sharing and turn-taking skills.
Wooden Bulldozer
With this adorable wooden Bulldozer toy, you can help your child learn and grow in a number of different ways. It aids in the instruction and development of fine motor, play, and tactile skills. Adult supervision is necessary. It also encourages free-play so you can help foster your child’s creativity and imagination with this toy as well.
Foam Playmat
This alphabet foam playmat encourages learning as your baby grows by making it exciting to play with letters and shapes. With this 86-piece play mat, your little ones can learn how to recognize letters, express themselves and even spell their first words! All of the letters from A to Z are taught using the alphabet play mat.
2 to 3 years
By this time, your kids will have already begun to explore their surroundings more and show more interest in doing more activities. This is the perfect time to initiate more free play so that their thought process, decision-making skills, imagination, and creativity are fostered. So, giving them tools and toys like the ones we’ve listed below can help them promote these quickly and easily!
Wooden Pots and Pans
While adult supervision is still required, this toy set is the perfect choice for the foodie or chef at heart. With this collection of wooden pots and pans, your little chef will enjoy playing in their pretend kitchen that comes with 1 pot with a lid, 1 frying pan, 1 cooking glove, 1 spatula, 1 spoon, fake broccoli, pretend carrots, and wooden capsicums. Of course, a chef’s kitchen wouldn’t be complete with the main ingredients so it also includes 1 pretend fish, 2 wooden mushrooms, and 2 fake prawns.
Plastic Kitchen Tools
This set of plastic kitchen tools is definitely a young chef's fantasy come true! It’s a 37-piece play kitchen set will encourage your child to prepare delectable fictional meals, especially since the cooker hood and stovetop both light up, and the stove plays four different, authentic cooking noises. Your kids can even use the interactive hand-pimping water tap to wash the dishes. Talk about starting them young!
Wooden Post Box
With the help of this vintage wooden post-box playset, your children may enjoy creating and sending their own messages. Includes a post box with a carry handle and an opening door, five different colored chalks in a pack, a postcard, a message, or even a present or package. This kind of toy encourages creative play, imagination, and fine motor development.
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