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Top 10 Creative Maternity Shoot Ideas this 2023

ByMica ValledorJune 27, 2023
pregnant having maternity shoot
Becoming pregnant is quite an exciting time for any mother, whether it’s for the first time or you’ve experienced giving birth before. Now, because it’s a great journey to be on, it would be amazing to have something to remember this experience by. One fun way mothers these days do this is by having a maternity shoot.
A maternity shoot is a great way to show off that beautiful baby bump and it also lets you have some pretty memorable photos of your pregnancy journey that you can look back on with your kids. After all, it can show you at your different stages of pregnancy and show all the changes your body went through.
So, if you’re looking for creative maternity photoshoot poses, maternity shoot outfit ideas, and maternity ideas, then read on to find out more! We at edamama have rounded up our top 10 favorite maternity shoot ideas for you to try out.
1.) Include Your Furbabies
One of the maternity shoot ideas at home that you can consider is one including your furbabies. Your dogs, cats, and other pets are part of the family too so it makes sense to include them into your maternity shoot.
This can also help make your shoot more adorable, especially if you consider your furry babies your original babies.
2.) Visit the Outdoors
If you’re looking for maternity shoot ideas that don’t include you being cooped up inside, you can opt for a maternity shoot outdoors like the city streets or out in nature. You can make use of any spot with some walls with colorful graffiti or an open field with wildflowers and such.
These natural backgrounds make for beautiful backdrops and can pair perfectly with your maternity shoot outfit ideas or even elevate the look!
3.) Take a Milk Bath
Perhaps one of the most beautiful maternity shoot ideas out there nowadays is one that includes a milk bath. It’s definitely one of the ideas that are aesthetically perfect for “the gram”, especially since it’s one that you can have fun with when it comes to making up a maternity shoot caption for your post.
So, if you’re looking for maternity shoot ideas at home, this is definitely one to consider. It’s a relatively easy maternity shoot idea since you don’t have to worry about the maternity shoot poses so much or the maternity shoot outfit ideas since this just requires a tub filled with milk, flowers, and other minor decoration.
This is ideal for those who don’t mind being a little bit more exposed as this does require that you (and perhaps your partner) be in the tub. It’s simple, elegant, and you won’t even have to worry about setting foot outside, so you can stay at home and be comfortable in your own space!
4.) Classic Black & White
Colorful and wacky maternity shoots aren’t for everyone - after all, it might not reflect you and your partner’s personalities well especially if you have a hard time thinking up some maternity shoot poses.
Now, classic maternity shoot ideas don’t have to mean that your maternity shoot will be boring. Opting for a classic black and white shoot is elegant, simple, and it’s one that you can never go wrong with. So, whether you want a more candid feel or something more dramatic and reminiscent of Vogue shoots, a black and white maternity shoot is the way to go.
5.) Stay in Your Nursery
Looking for more maternity shoot ideas at home? Then you might want to try having your maternity shoot in the room you’ve spent so much time and energy perfecting - the nursery! It’s the perfect space to have a maternity shoot since it includes the beautiful nursery that your little ones will soon be staying in.
This idyllic setting is a cozy, homy, and classic maternity shoot idea that not only shows off the room but provides both the parents and the kids a great memory to look back on.
6.) Have Your Other Kids Join In
Having your children join your maternity shoot is one of the best and most fun maternity shoot ideas that we love to recommend. Your other kids not only provide the extra adorable factor in your photo, but they also help show the love and care your family already has all together and what your little one will soon be welcomed into.
This is also one of the maternity shoot ideas that you can play around with when it comes to the maternity shoot caption. So, if you’re a fan of hashtags or simple post captions, you can caption your photos “Another One” or even “Coming Soon”.
7.) Choose a Dramatic Dress
Are you a mama who has a flare for the dramatics? Then this maternity shoot idea is perfect for you! One of the best maternity shoot outfit ideas that go well with this are dramatic dresses like ones with long skirts or trains, or even flamboyant and adventurous prints and designs. You can have fun playing around with the clothes or even use the backgrounds and props to help increase the drama of your outfit. Talk about fun maternity shoot ideas!
8.) Silhouette Shots
Whether you have this in black and white or with colorful bright lights, having a maternity shoot that showcases your pregnant silhouette is a fun and beautiful idea to try out. This kind of shoot focuses more on your pregnant frame and, while simple, is still a classic and elegant way of remembering your pregnancy journey.
9.) Keep It Fun
If you’re looking for a maternity shoot idea that’s going to be easy to make a maternity shoot caption for, then keeping things fun, silly and light is the way to go. With this kind of maternity shoot idea, you have free reign to embrace the wild aspects of your pregnancy journey. This includes all of your insane food cravings, your silly habits, and even poke fun at all the stress and tired nights you’ve been having. So, if you want to try showcasing your motherhood journey in a fun and playful (or less serious or glamorous way), then you might want to try this idea.
10.) Paint Your Bellies
Out of all the maternity shoot ideas we’ve listed, this is probably the most unique and one that’s ideal or perfect for artistic parents. This is one of the maternity shoot ideas at home that you can do anywhere in your house - whether it’s your bedroom, your kids room, your garden, or even your kitchen. What’s great about this too is you don’t really have to worry or stress about the maternity shoot poses either as the photos will be focused on the art on your baby bump!
If you have kids, you can ask them to paint something on your belly so you can incorporate them into the shoot. Alternatively, you and your partner can do the painting too so you have full control of the design that goes on your belly.
There are many maternity shoot ideas you can try out. Some are unique and artistic, others are classy and simple, while others are fun and whimsical. Whatever you end up choosing, choose something that truly showcases you and your family’s personality so it can have a more loving and personal touch. We hope our list has helped you come up with maternity shoot ideas for your next maternity shoot! But, if you have more fun ideas, feel free to let us know!

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