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Top 6 Educational Toys From Anko

ByMica ValledorJanuary 16, 2023
asian toddler playing with educational toys
It can be tempting to give your child every brand-new toy that they request. But when it comes to genuinely challenging your child's brain while simultaneously keeping them occupied, some toys are better than others.
Some toys help engage a little one’s imaginations, others help develop their motor skills, while other learning tools and toys help them with their critical thinking skills. But, with all these available options, it’s difficult to find ones that will be great options for the kids.
That’s why we at edamama have come up with our top 6 options from Anko’s amazing educational and learning materials for you to choose from! These are some of the ones that have remained popular with our kids, and ones we’re sure yours will enjoy quite a bit. Read on to find out more.
Learn To Spell Letter and Object Recognition
Anko’s Learn to Spell Letter and Object Recognition toy is a great tool to help improve your child's abilities by teaching them how to learn and spell. This tool targets subjects and skills liek reading, speaking, and memory skills so, if your kids are learning these skills, this tool might be the perfect guide or helper to gift to them. Additionally, it enhances speech and spelling, and, with over 100 words for them to memorize, it improves their memory and attention span too!
World Map Puzzle
Looking to teach your little ones about geography and the different countries? Then this World Map Puzzle by Anko might be the learning material you’re looking for! Suitable for kids ages 5 years and up, this puzzle map can engage them and keep them entertained for hours on end. By giving your kids this learning tool, you give them a tool that keeps them engaged in hours of entertaining, instructive, and developmental play. And, with the help of this 100-piece jigsaw, they can learn about various global sites and creatures.
Magnetic Blocks Playset
The Magnetic Blocks Playset is perfect for your little builders. Using these fantastic magnetic tiles, your kids can have hours of fun creating different fun shapes and figures. Square and triangular magnetic block tiles are included in this 24-piece magnetic block toy. There are a ton of shapes and figures that your kids can make thanks to the magnets that make them simple and easy to connect with each other. This kind of learning toy aids with the teaching and development of fine motor, sensory, tactile, and free play skills.
Learning About Money
If you want to teach your little ones about money, this fun Learning About Money set is the learning tool to use. With the help of this money learning set, you can teach your little ones how to handle and count money properly and in a fun and exciting way.
This set also teaches your kids about math, numbers, and problem-solving abilities. When you purchase this learning about money set, you get a tote case and a magnetic game with toy money.
Wooden Arithmetic Board
The Wooden Arithmetic Board by Anko is a great tool that you can use to help your kids learn arithmetics. It’s a great way to introduce mathematics to your child since it does so in simple, easy, and fun ways. Based on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) principles, it aids in the teaching and development of cognitive thinking and fine motor abilities.
Alphabet Bingo
With the help of this awesome Alphabet Bingo set, your kids and all their friends can play an educational yet fun round of bingo! Suitable for ages 4 years and up, this set includes a pouch, 26 double-sided letter and picture tokens, 72 bingo tokens, and 6 double-sided bingo boards.
This learning tool is a fun bingo game that improves letter and image identification while fostering and teaching co-ordination, problem-solving, and memory skills. It’s also one game that’s suitable for 2–6 players.
Thanks to their ability to satisfy the brain's need for stimulation, educational toys keep your child's attention for a longer period of time. The best toys are ones that your child may learn from while enjoying and playing with them because they’re natural learners. That means that your little ones can get a jump start in reading, arithmetic, and science thanks to these gadgets. So, have you found something from our list that you think your kids might like? Try them out and let us know!
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