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CONNECT: Top Mama Tips Every Mama Should Know

ByEdamama Editorial TeamNovember 11, 2022
Mama tips
Whether you’re an expectant new mommy or a mom who’s already been blessed with several bundles of joy, you can’t deny this one main fact - you learn as you go! After all, every child is different and so is every mommy. So, there’s no one-stop-shop solution for handling things.
But, since there’s no rule book to follow, it can become tiresome, extra challenging, and, of course, a little bit scarier than one would like. There will always be that constant “fear” of not doing enough for your child or not being a “good mom”. Those thoughts will always be there, but, while it’s difficult to push away, you can always rely on people around you to help you, reassure you, and lend a helping hand when needed.
That’s why edamama came up with the Connect feature! In this article, we’ll be discussing Connect, what mommies can expect from it, how you can go about using it, and the top five tips every mama should know. You don’t have to do it alone, mama! So, read on to find out more!
Before we can dive into the comments, tips, and advice bits, let’s talk about Connect and how it can help mommies. Simply put, Connect is a feature in the edamama app that gives users access to 6 different “rooms” where any and every mama can connect with one another, give each other advice, give some suggestions on mommy-approved products, and much more. All you have to do to take part is download the app and make an account!
Whether you need help with skincare tips for yourself or your little ones, perfect gift suggestions for other moms and kids, healthcare advice, or you simply want to connect with other people who are going through or have gone through the same experiences as you, Connect can give you the avenue to check all of that out.
The great thing, too, is that you can ask any and every question without fear of judgement because the Connect community provides not only advice from experts, but it gives users a welcoming and open community that’s only there to give you support and help should you need it. Try it out today and join the growing community of mamas, parents, and experts!
Mommies never have nearly enough time for themselves, so it’s easy to get tired and frustrated. That’s why we’ve asked the moms at Connect for their best pieces of advice! The best part of their loving, accepting, and real tips? They’re all short and in under 2 sentences! Who says meaningful words had to come in long or big segments?
Mommy Hazel
First up comes from a user named Mommy Hazel. She keeps it real and we find that these words are often the one's tons of mommies all over the country forget to do!
“Don’t feel guilty whenever you give time for yourself [because] it doesn’t make you less of a mom. It’s all about loving yourself [too]!”
Parenthood, and motherhood, in particular, is a selfless and often thankless job. So, to Mommy Hazel, we say “Preach”! Self care isn’t always easy but you shouldn’t have to feel guilty for needing it either. After all, you can best take care of your family when you too are happy and healthy.
Anna Francesca Limchoc
This next one comes from another mommy user who just tells it like it is. It’s so easy to compare yourself to other parents that it can sometimes get in the way of how you parent. So, to that she says:
“Ask for help. Do what works for you.”
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help, but, as every expert mama would also say, it’s a learning process. So, while we do encourage you to ask for help, there’s also nothing wrong with only following the advice that works for you and your little ones. After all, they’re your kids.
Dr. Vivienne Valledor-Lukey
Being a mom is hard enough, but oftentimes, it can be extra difficult when you have opposing advice coming from different sides of your family. It could be that your side is a little stricter in terms of raising kids, and your partner’s side is more carefree, or it could be the other way around. This is why my sister and her husband learned to raise their daughter to think for herself and not project their needs and expectations on to her. Safe to say it’s not always easy, but as long as kids know right from wrong, that’s always a good place to start. So, to other mama’s out there, mommy Vivienne says that it’s vital that you:
“Respect your child as an individual. They're not you or anyone else.”
Letting your child be their own person molds their personalities naturally and it’s a blessing to see that kind of growth. So show them respect. You never know, this handy bit of advice can be the key to raising kids who also respect your needs, boundaries, and expectations in the future.
Sophie Sales-Bautista
Mama Sophie is a single mom who likes keeping busy at all hours of the day. But, no matter how immersed she is at work, she always makes it a point to have time for her daughter. She’s had to struggle with the idea of not having enough time with her child versus the need to make enough to keep her child happy, safe, and comfortable. Of course, every parent battles with those same thoughts at some point, so to those mommies (and daddies) who need to hear it, Mama Sophie says this:
“Take it one a day at a time. Every day is another day, not to be the perfect mom, but to be the parent that your kid needs.”
When asked why she said this, she mentioned that at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is her kid and her kid’s happiness. As your kid grows up, they start becoming their own people, and, as parents, it’s easy to forget that you need to be their parent first and their friend second.
It’s definitely not easy, and you try your best, but that’s also why Mama Sophie stresses that you need to hunker down and be the parent your kid/s need. There is no perfect mom, but there are ones that every kid needs.
Mommy Ginggay
One of the moms I personally consider to be a pro is my own mother, Ginggay. She’s raised four of her own kids, her siblings, and countless family members as they grew up. She has also been the one who never failed to remind me that motherhood is the best but also the hardest job out there.
She grew up in a very strict household and as the eldest of six kids, she also acted as the second mom. At a very young age, that gave her the opportunity to learn what it was like to raise kids and it’s probably why she has the parenting style she has today.
However, no matter how strict and oftentimes hard to please she was, she always showed us, her kids, the kindness, compassion, and understanding we needed, even if at times that would come in the form of tough love. So, to all you moms out there, here’s what Mommy Ginggay has to say:
“You will make mistakes - learn from them and apologize to your child.”
Apologizing can be a very difficult thing, but it’s one lesson in humility and kindness that will go a long way with your child. Kids soak everything in and, whether we like it or not, little ones are the best (and sometimes worst) versions of us. So, what we teach and show them might impact them and how they will be when they grow up. Every kid deserves all the kindness and love parents can give, so if you hurt your child, learn to apologize and talk it out with them.
There’s always more to learn and more to improve. After all, parenthood is a lifetime job! We hope you found some calm or inspiration in this article and we at edamama celebrate every edamama out there! You are doing great, you are trying your best, and you are welcome. So, if you have any bits of advice you’d like to share or any top-rated products you’ve tried and tested and want to recommend, then hop on to the app, click the Connect feature, and share all your thoughts!
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