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Travel Hacks Every Mama Needs To Know

ByJerni Camposano-GomezSeptember 27, 2022
Exploring a new destination is undeniably exciting, not until you have to stress over packing and ensuring you don’t forget a thing, finding ways to entertain them on hours-long flights, or keeping them strapped on their car seat during a road trip.
Make going on a holiday with your children a breeze with these practical tips from fellow mamas:
Hungry kids make for fussy travelers. Give them lots of snack choices by keeping them in a bento box. It’s colorful enough so the snack box itself can keep them busy for a good few minutes of the trip!
Nobody wants their little human being walking up and down the aisle too often. Keep them busy by packing their coloring books, markers and crayons, stickers, clay, and fidgets in a jewelry organizer as this can hold as many materials as you need!
Whatever others say, an iPad is always a good idea when you go on land trips. To ensure your child sits still, allow them to watch their favorite shows. This could give you hours of peace and quiet time in the car.
Save yourself from all the stress of going through the entire luggage to find a pair of socks or underwear when it’s time to dress up your kid. When packing, prepare one resealable bag for each day and place there everything (shirt, undergarment, underwear, accessories, etc) you will don on your child for that specific day. Don’t forget to label each bag!
You’ve probably heard this hack from fellow jetsetting mamas. To keep your tiny human occupied during a long flight, try packing new toys (they don’t even need to be expensive). If it’s their first time to see it, it will take them some time to play with it and explore it. If you don’t have the budget for this, try keeping some of their old toys prior to the trip so that the flight is when they will be seeing these toys again after some time.
You don’t want to be cleaning up mess after mess during a road trip. Strap their water bottle or snack cups onto the car seat so these don’t fall over during bumps and brakes.
Babywearing offers a host of benefits, including going hands-free during travels. If you need to take care of a baby and pull your suitcases around the airport, wearing your baby helps you do both.
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