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Unique Boy Names for Mama’s Soon-to-be Little Bean

ByEdamama Editorial TeamDecember 29, 2022
mom holding baby boy
Mamas can get as creative as they can when it comes to giving names to their little ones! Don't you agree? However, there are undeniably a lot of possible names out there that have great significance. We’d love to share in this article 50 Unique Baby Names for your Little Boy! Make sure to read through every name and enjoy the beautiful meaning behind each of them.
Unique Boy Names based rom the Bible
Asa - This unique name is pronounced as 'AY-seh', rooted from the memorable meaning of ‘healer’.
Azriel - This means ‘God is my help’ in Hebrew.
Boaz - This name is pronounced as 'BO-az', which means ‘swiftness'’ in Hebrew.
Hezekiah - This is a Hebrew name which means 'The Lord is my strength'.
Malachi - This name means 'my messenger' or 'my angel' in Hebrew.
Matthias - This Hebrew/Greek/German name means 'gift of God'.
Obadiah - This is a Hebrew name that means 'servant of God'.
Uri - This unique name represents the statement 'God is my light'.
Zebediah - From the Hebrews, this name means 'gift of Jehovah'.
Zeke - A unique Hebrew name that translates to 'strength of God'.
Unique Boy Names based from the Spanish/Filipino Culture
Alon - Perfect for Mamas who are sea lovers as this name means 'sea wave'.
Amado - This Filipino name means 'beloved'.
Ambrosio - This name means 'Child of light'.
Aquilino - Raise your child to be fearless as this name means 'eagle'.
Esteban - Coming from the Spanish that means 'crown'.
Isagani - This rich Tagalog name means 'bountiful harvest'.
Macario - Stemmed from Latin roots, this name means 'blessed'.
Melchor - This Filipino name that can be heard as both first name or last name means 'king of light'.
Pacifico - You can calmly hear this name as it means 'peace-loving'.
Sinag - Positive vibes is what this name brings as it means 'A ray of light'.
Unique Boy Names based from the Ancient Greeks
Astro - Coming from the Greek word 'astron' that means 'stars'.
Calix - This name means 'husk' but also means 'very handsome' in Greek.
Colin - This name translates to 'people of victory'.
Eros - This name means 'desire' or also 'love and affection' in Greek.
Icarus - From a famous Greek mythology character, this name means 'risk-taker'.
Orion -This Greek name means 'great hunter' or also from its origin of 'rising in the sky'.
Perseus - Heroic acts by Perseus in Greek mythology makes this name mean 'powerful' or 'strong'.
Stavros - This name in Greek translates to 'Cross', but it also means 'standstill'.
Xander - Representing a warrior, this name means 'defender of mankind' in Greek.
Zephyr - This unique name means 'God of the west wind' in Greek.
Unique Boy Names based from Rocks or Gems
Adi - A simple but meaningful Hebrew name that means 'jewel'.
Berilo - Originating from Spanish roots, this name means 'pale green gemstone'.
Emzar - Make your little one shine by giving him this name that means 'Gold'.
Flint - This name comes from its direct meaning of a hard rock, mostly gray or black, which makes it a unique tough-guy name for your little bean.
Heliodor - A unique and powerful-sounding name, Heliodor is derived from a sun-kissed colored gemstone.
Kito - A rare name of Swahili origin, this name means 'precious jewel'.
Kohaku - A sweet-sounding and unique name that means 'amber'.
Obsidian - Charming to hear, this is an English name that refers to a certain type of volcanic glass.
Onyx - A unique name that is known to be a precious black gemstone.
Nephrite - A beautiful name which is a type of jade and is known as 'stone of heaven'.
Unique Boy Names based from Nature
Amell - A German name that refers to the 'strength or power of an eagle'.
Amo - A rare name that means 'little eagle' in French.
Ari - A Hebrew name that represents the 'lion of God'.
Blayden - A rare name that means 'little fire' in Irish.
Callum - A name that symbolizes peace and purity as it means 'dove' in Scottish.
Elio - Originates from three different languages – Italian, Latin, and Spanish – this name means 'sun.'
Evren - Originating from Turkey, this abstract nature name means 'universe or cosmos.'
Kai - A Hawaiian name that means 'sea.'
Koa - Another rare Hawaiian name that means 'warrior'.
Zale - A unique name that has Greek origins which means 'sea strength'.
It’s definitely not everyday that you hear such names! If you are looking for a unique boy name for your little one, don’t forget to go back to this list! This article filled with interesting and meaningful names can also be shared to your fellow Mamas! Maybe they can also help you choose the best name out there!
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