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Unique Girl Names for Your Little Bean

ByEdamama Editorial TeamJanuary 3, 2023
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Mamas would want to have meaningful names for their soon-to-be little beans! There are a lot of choices that will be available and the decision making process will be exciting yet a little stressful for some, but we’re here to make your life a little easier! This article will feature 50 Unique Baby Girl names with their meanings. Scroll through our list below to know more!
Unique Girls Names based from the Bible
Adina - This is a biblical name that appeared in the Book of Chronicles, describing it to be the name of a warrior. It also means 'noble, gentle, and delicate.'
Apphia - This name translates as ‘fruitful’ or ‘productive’.
Areli — This is a name that will let your little girl shine as it means 'golden'.
Lois — This is a strong name because it means 'superior'.
Bithiah – This name based on the Hebrews means 'daughter of worshiper of Lord'.
Elisha - This name means 'God is Salvation'.
Iscah - This is a rare Christian name which means ‘to see’ or ‘she will look out’.
Salome - This name means ‘peace’ in Aramaic.
Sapphira — This is a name that translates as ‘the pretty one’.
Shelemiah - This name justifies one’s adoration for God as it means ‘God is my perfection; my happiness; my peace’.
Unique Girls Names based from Filipino Culture
Amihan - This is a Tagalog word that sounds calm and refers to ‘the Northeast monsoon and the winter wind’.
Bernila - This unique name is based on the Spanish origin that means ‘blessed’.
Bituin - This is a Tagalog word that means 'star' and 'goodness'.
Chesah - This is a rare name rooting from the Filipino roots that means ‘celestial’ and also ‘shine’.
Dari - This is a sweet sounding name that means 'grace'.
Floribeth - A mix of two names from Filipino roots and the Bible, namely 'Flora' or ‘flower’ and 'Beth' translating to ‘God is my promise'.
Hiraya - This ancient Tagalog name means 'may your dreams come true'.
Isla - The name that will make you remember the calmness the sea or ocean brings.
Malaya - This name directly translates as ‘free’.
Tala - This Tagalog word is heard in different aspects, but not much in names. This means ‘bright star'.
Unique Girls Names based from the Ancient Greeks
Amalthea - This came from the Greek and Roman mythology that means 'loving and nourishing'.
Aphrodite - One of the most known Greek goddesses, her name can be used which means ‘love’.
Astraea - An underrated Greek mythology character, the goddess of justice and innocence. She then became the constellation we now know as Virgo (perfect for babies born within Virgo birth month).
Bia - Channel strength within with this name as she is the goddess of ‘force and energy’.
Dimitra - This name will associate you to the environment as it means 'earth mother’.
Calista - This name will let you bloom as it means ‘'most beautiful'.
Cybele - This Greek character’s name means 'mother of all gods'.
Hecate- This name, “Heh-kuh-tee”, is perfect for Mamas who are in awe of magic because she is the goddess of ‘magic and witchcraft’.
Hera - This name means ‘queen of the gods.
Philomela - This name is associated with music, it directly translates to 'lover of music'.
Unique Girls Names based from Rocks or Gems
Amber - This is an Arabic name that means “jewel”.
Arianell - This is a rare Welsh saint name that means ‘silver’.
Cordelia - This name means ‘jewel of the sea’ that is rooted from French, Latin, and Welsh origins.
Eirian - This is a sweet-sounding Irish baby name that also means ‘silver’.
Farrah - Heard in from the Islam religion, Farrah means ‘precious pearl.’
Giada - This name is the Italian translation for ‘jade’.
Ivory - This name sounds as elegant as it looks. This name represents the gemstone that is known for its pristine white and yellow hues.
Olivine - This name represents its own gemstone specifically ‘peridot’.
Perouze - An Armenian name, Perouze, translates to ‘turquoise’.
Zariza - Rooted from the Hebrew origin, this name means ‘gold’ or ‘brilliant’.
Unique Girls Names based from Nature
Abilene - This name means ‘meadow’ in Hebrew.
Fleur - This name sounds elegant and classy as it is the French for 'flower'.
Aria - This means ‘air’ in Italian.
Brier - This name came from a flower specifically a ‘heather’, a purple-colored flower.
Chrysanthe - This name is based on the ‘flower of gold’ or ‘Marigold’ originating from Greek.
Azalea - This name is based on the flower itself, wherein when it blooms, it is very beautiful.
Keithia - This is a rare name that means ‘forest or wood’.
Ula - This name is rooted from the Spanish origin where it means 'gem of the sea'.
Sequoia - The name represents the trees itself which are identified to be the largest in the world.
Darya - This is a Persian name that translates to ‘ocean’.
Most of these names are just waiting to be discovered by you, Mamas! There are a lot of beautiful and meaningful names for your little bean in this list, make sure you were able to note some of your favorites! Afterall, it will also depend on your beliefs as an individual. Decide freely and enjoy the process of searching for the perfect baby girl name!
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