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Want to achieve your goals in 2023? Here’s how to make realistic resolutions

ByTiffany ReyesJanuary 3, 2023
New Year goals and resolutions
Every end-of-the-year celebration calls for introspection. Have we done it right? What can we do better next time? Whether it’s about body goals and health, improving relationships, or managing your career, resolutions will help you achieve your personal or professional goals.
But it’s not enough that we set these resolutions. We have to find ways to make it work, and to motivate ourselves to consistently achieve them. Here are some tips on how to craft resolutions.
Write it down
If you must remember something, you must write it down. To ensure you won’t forget your resolutions, jot it down on a notebook or on a whiteboard at home. Writing your resolutions also helps you clear your mind and overall gives a positive feeling.
“Writing about life goals was significantly less upsetting than writing about trauma and was associated with a significant increase in subjective well-being,” adds a study.
Be specific
Yes, you can say you want better health. But how do you intend to do it? Be more specific: start with listing goals you can measure, like drinking 9 glasses of water in a day, add a fiber-rich fruit a day to your diet, or keep moving even at home, or run 10 rounds around the block.
Some tools could also help you achieve these goals, like having an insulated water bottle for more refreshing water, or snacking on fruit chips instead of consuming salty ones.
Make it achievable
Eyeing to save more money? Don’t set standards that are too high. Compute your income, expenses, and savings and see if there’s a way you can increase your money stream. You can’t have a goal of saving P50,000 more when there are expenses and liabilities you have to pay. You can, however, make steps to remove unnecessary spending and ensure your loans are paid. Financial experts always say it’s better to clear out your small loans first (credit cards, financing, etc) before trying to save up money.
You may also start with P20 a day and see how your money can grow. Elevate your money-saving tactic with P30 a day the following month, and so on. If it’s not achievable, you can always go back to the base amount. Segregate your money using clear zippies to avoid unnecessary expenses.
Make it feel good
Like other things in life, you should enjoy doing it to be motivated. Do not take your resolutions as tasks. Want to be a better mama? Stop beating yourself for every failed attempt at gentle parenting. If that’s your resolution, find something joyful about it, like seeing how tantrums became less frequent when you really tried to hear your child out.
Get your household’s support
Tell your spouse what you want to achieve, and talk it out if there’s a way he could help you. Whether it’s diet, saving more money, yelling less, maybe your husband can find a way to help you attain your resolutions.
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