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Effective Ways to Get Your Child Back into School Mode

ByJerni Camposano-GomezMarch 29, 2022
girl enjoying online class
The start of a new academic year is just around the corner—and kids surely feel a mix of emotions over going back to school. To get your little one back on track and ready for another year of learnings and discoveries, they’ll be needing your support and guidance as they ease back into their school routine. 
Have a smooth and stress-free transition from vacation to school mode with these tips.
1. Settle back to a sleep routine.
It can be challenging for most kids to get up in the morning after weeks of sleeping and waking up late. Begin establishing a school-friendly sleep schedule to help your child settle into the rhythm of early bedtime and rise time for school. What about parking a reliable alarm clock by their bedside?
2. Prepare their homeschooling essentials.
What about letting them choose the designs of their school must-haves? They’d love using items they personally picked: wired headphones that are ideal for children’s young ears, anti-radiation glasses that block the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices, and coloring materials. 
3. Have a friendly discussion about school. 
Motivate your child and get them excited about the notion of going back to school. Talk about the things they love about it as well as their worries so you can help them deal with those fears. 
4. Start a study habit. 
It’s now time to reduce their screen time as you make the transition to school mode. Encourage them to read books and engage in any learning activity so that they form a good habit of studying. 
5. Stock up on snacks.There’s a reason why kids love snacks and lunch breaks. Make sure they have time to eat as this can reduce a student’s stress level. Also, a hungry student can turn into a lazy learner—and we don’t want that to happen, mamas. 
6. Set up a cozy and conducive learning environment. 
You don’t need much space to establish a play and learn area for your child. Pick a spot with good lighting and ventilation and fill it up with curated items that will encourage kids to learn while having fun. Here’s what you may need.
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