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What the MAKUKU Balance Care Diapers is really all about

ByEdamama Editorial TeamDecember 5, 2022
Toddler wearing Makuku diaper
Providing care and comfort for their little one is a parent’s utmost priority. When choosing baby care products to be used, Mamas will opt for the one that will not give their little bean an uneasy feeling. Which is why we at edamama would love to feature the newest and Philippines’ first Bubble Waist Pants – MAKUKU Balance Care Diapers!
MAKUKU aims to integrate into the lives of Mamas and their little beans by becoming the brand who’s onto “creating the ultimate products, continuously creating surprises” like their newest product line. Their Super Absorbent Air Diapers Balance Care has a lot of features that Mamas would definitely love having if it is for their child’s comfort.
MAKUKU Balance Care Diapers Features
Let’s dive a little deeper on what is so special about these newest diapers in town! MAKUKU Balance Care Diapers features the first exclusive cloud soft breathable bubble layer that is tailor-made for Philippines’ babies. The researchers have spent 1000 days and nights polishing the product.
In terms of the waist fit of the diaper to your little one, MAKUKU diapers have a 3D convex and a concave surface that makes the layers more breathable. It also features hundreds of millions of breathable pores to help with the air circulation within the baby’s bottom. This will help in quickly discharging stuffiness of the diaper. There is a stable water lock that is very absorbent and will avoid leakage of your baby’s urine.
The Balance Care diapers also have an anti-strain bubble waist that features an ergonomic design, allowing it to secure your little one just right. No red marks on tummy and no bruises.
You can use this size chart to make sure that you get the best fit for your baby.
MAKUKU Balance Care Diapers is one of the results of applying technology and becoming innovative when it comes to improving products for their customers, given all of the features stated above.
Purchasing your own MAKUKU Balance Care Diapers
We’re more than happy to share that this premium quality product is in edamama! You can purchase your little one’s diapers today, and avail discounts of up to 8% off on all MAKUKU products!
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Head towards our website at edamama.ph to view all MAKUKU products! Happy shopping, Mamas!
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