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Why Gardening at Home is Good for Our Kids

ByJanroe CabilesApril 13, 2022
kid planting in the indoor garden
Calling all plant moms! Keep it up.
While we #stayathome this quarantine, many of us are making the most of their time by taking care of new babies in their houses: plants!
Plantitas and plant mamas are on the rise, and it’s because the effect of having plants around the house benefit us in so many ways. They make our spaces brighter, clean our air, and give us the excitement of a new leaf or harvest. Tending to our garden is also an amazing opportunity to spend time with our children, and let them learn from the beauty of nature and how we play an important part in it. Check out how gardening at home benefits our children.

1. They get a breath of fresh air.

After hours of games and online classes, it’s time we showed our kids a world beyond the screen. Get some fresh air in your own backyard! Taking this time outside while gardening lets your kid do something fun and productive while living in the moment.

2. They learn about responsibility.

Watering the plants seems easy enough, but your kids will start to understand the diligence it takes to water them everyday. They’ll be able to see the direct cause and effect of their actions while learning to care for other creatures.

3. They get an early biology lesson.

These simple moments can be turned into lessons straight out of a textbook: Science in particular! They’ll get to learn about the ecosystem: the plants, the animals, the weather, and how they all impact the environment.

4. They (might) eat more veggies.

There’s a certain sense of achievement and awe when you’re able to enjoy the fruit of your labor, literally. Your kids have watched them grow from seeds to full-grown plants. If any herbs or vegetables are part of your plant family, then you can experience farm-to-table meals!

5. They develop a love for nature.

Caring for a plant makes you see it as a loved one. After all the time and energy spent with it, there’s a good chance your children will feel protective over their wellbeing. This gives them a full understanding of why we need to protect our environment!
Whether you grow a backyard farm or a simple desk plant, take these beautiful moments of TLC and revel at the simple joys with your child.