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6 Reasons Why Your Child Should Join a Playgroup

ByJerni Camposano-GomezApril 22, 2022
kids playing together
It’s no secret that children learn through play. It’s their natural way of being happy while staying active. So imagine when they do this with other little humans in their same age group: their learning process becomes even more fun and enjoyable!
A playgroup is a get-together of babies, toddlers, or preschool-aged children who haven’t started school yet and their parents or caregivers to enjoy organized play activities together for a couple of hours each week. Due to the pandemic, however, it’s become more challenging for our kids to meet new friends and learn important social skills. Here’s a solution, mama: enroll them in an online playgroup class!
Ahead, we list down the many benefits your child can get from joining a playgroup.
1. It helps develop their social skills. Interacting with people at home is different from interacting with those from a different household. Playgroups give your child the ability to connect with others, make friends, and develop his social boundaries. 
2. It facilitates language development and improves communication skills. By exposing them to more people, your child gets to practice their communication skills by picking up cues from their playmates and other adults. Playgroups also give them a chance to talk and converse more with other people, which in turn, can help facilitate quicker language development.
3. It helps boost a child’s confidence. Playgroups provide a child a different stage—one that’s fun and free. They're able to express themselves to their playmates, meet and interact with people who are not their relatives or friends, and discover more about themselves through these interactions. 
4. They learns to cope with new situations. Getting to know new people can be unfamiliar territory for kids. Some of them tend to shy away from crowds, while others take some time before warming up. By being part of a playgroup, your child will learn how to adapt to a new situation, a new environment, and new people. 
5. It encourages creativity. Depending on what activities are encouraged in your chosen playgroup, it is also an opportunity for your little one to use their imagination and creativity. Games are a good way to teach them how to solve problems and work with other kids. 
6. Your child can acquire new skills. Kids are innately curious. By allowing your child to join a playgroup, they might end up picking up a new skill, learning some tricks, and developing a love for a new interest by simply watching and observing other kids.
Are you convinced yet that your little tot will have an amazing time in a playgroup? Here are some online playgroup classes that will help hone their physical, social, and emotional skills: 
1. Smallville Montessori Circulo: June Summer Explorers Club: Get to know one of the most loved children’s books by Eric Carle through this class. It’s a playgroup mixed with storytelling, interactive activities, music, yoga for kids and many more.
Photo courtesy of Learning Hub's Facebook page
2. Learning Hub Playschool: If you’re looking for a safe, conducive learning space for a child aged between 2 to 5, this playschool can provide just that and more with its holistic curriculum developed especially for kids. 
3. Kinder Space: Pre-K Playgroup Class: This playgroup is complete with activities from music and movement to storytelling. Kids get learning materials in a Kinder box and an activity guide per day. 
4. Sprouting Seeds Class: Perfect for toddlers 18 to 35 months old, this group class consists of digestible, fun 15-minute classes of singing, dancing, and storytelling!
5. The Learning Nook: Online Vertical Class: Prepare your child for what lies ahead with this online pre-nursery class facilitated by a well-trained early childhood educator.
6. Learning Ville: Explore with Dinosaur: Is your child fascinated with dinosaurs? Enroll them in this playgroup to learn more about the prehistoric world of dinosaurs and the different theories on dinosaur extinction.
Photo courtesy of KinderClub's Facebook page
7. KinderClub Playschool: At Home Learning: Your child will develop their social and emotional, speech and language, cognitive, and fine and gross motor skills through this program's innovative activities done at the comfort of your own home. Slots are on a first-come-first-served basis.
8. Kinder Space: Inspector’s Playgroup Class: Specially curated for kids aged 2 to 3, this playgroup will give your child the chance to learn new things—including music, and storytelling—with kids in their same age group. Aside from learning materials, there’s also an app that will aid in their learning.
9. Kinder Space: Explorer’s Playgroup Class: Classes range from music and movement to storytelling. Kids are also provided with online learning materials.
10. ILS Virtual Fun Class: This group class complements your child’s online learning with topics covered weekly and taught in fun, interactive ways. Classes are designed for kids aged 2 to 4.
Photo courtesy of Playworks Early Childhood Centers' Facebook Page
11. Playworks Learning Center: Mini Sessions: Recommended for kids aged 2 to 5, Playworks presents different fun classes that will surely catch your kid's interest: Mushy Math, Kantahan at Kwentuhan, and Shimmy & Shake.
12. Fitness Bee: Online Create Class: This class features arts and crafts sessions as well as meal preparation activities that can help kids develop their sensory and motor skills.
13. Fitness Bee: Online School Readiness Class: Want to make sure your little one’s ready for school? Let them take this special class that gives kids the opportunity to improve their skills on paying attention, listening, and following instructions. After the class, they’d be more ready to take on school-related activities.
14. Fitness Bee: Online Fitness Class: Fitness knows no age and so while they’re young, teach your child the value of a healthy fitness habit with this online playgroup. This movement-based class features physical exercises and games facilitated by a certified occupational therapist coach.
15. One Two Step: Kids’ Dance Class: Expose your child to the wonderful world of dance as early as now. Kids who enroll in this dance class get to move and groove and develop their sense of coordination and choreography with other kids.
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