The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy: Tips and Tricks for Expecting Mothers

ByEdamama Editorial TeamNovember 14, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy

Tips And Tricks For Expecting Mothers


Getting Pregnant

Are you trying to conceive? Check out these articles to help you on your journey to motherhood.

Dra. Nina Revecho

This Doctor Helped Over 40 Couples Get Pregnant

It is indeed a blessing to be expecting a little one. Although for some of the couples out there, they may struggle to conceive.

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woman planning ovulation calendar

Ovulation Calendar: What Is It And How It Can Help You In Building Your Family

Whether you are trying to conceive or trying to plan your family, you must have come across the concept of an ovulation calendar

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IVF 101: What Is In Vitro Fertilization

Having a child is truly a gift that every parent cherishes. For some couples or individuals, the pregnancy journey is a beautiful and easy experience.

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pregnant woman looking at her belly

Think You're Ready For A Baby? Take This Ultimate Newborn Care Quiz To Find Out

Here is a ten-question quiz about newborn care and safety. Let's see how much you know!

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IVF In-Vitro Fertilization: Is It For You Or Not?

Among the many ways to make it possible for a woman to get pregnant, in-vitro fertilization (or IVF) has become one of the most well-known.

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fertility test

What To Expect From A Fertility Test

This guide teaches what you can expect when aiming for that fertility test, including costs, when to go to the doctor and checking your health.

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sad asian couple looking at pregnancy test

Common Signs And Symptoms Of PCOS

Have you ever heard of polycystic ovary syndrome? There’s a big chance you might have.

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happy woman with pregnancy test results

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests?

Is it time for you to take a pregnancy test? Here’s everything you need to know about pregnancy tests, including how they work and when to take them.

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pregnant woman consulting with OBGyn

Finding Your Ideal OBGyn

Find out the things you should keep in mind when choosing an OBGyne. That way, you can make the best informed decision you can.

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First Trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy can be overwhelming, but this ultimate guide has got you covered!

pregnant asian woman looking at ultrasound scan

Your Child’s Development In The First Trimester

Here, we talk about your child’s development in the first trimester, which happens from weeks 1 through 12.

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pregnant woman first trimester

6 Important Tips To Get You Through The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Check out these nuggets of wisdom to help you get through some of the worst days of your first few months of being pregnant.

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asian pregnant woman taking vitamins

Bed Rest, Lots Of Vitamins: What I Did During First Trimester

For a first-time mama, the first trimester holds a lot of milestones.

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pregnant woman feeling nauseous

Dealing With Sensory Issues During Your First Trimester

Before any evident physical change, a pregnant woman has to undergo hormonal changes and this highly affects her sense of smell, touch, and taste.

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pregnant woman with rhinitis

Guide To Battling Pregnancy Rhinitis

Discover the ins and outs of pregnancy rhinitis, a common but often overlooked symptom during pregnancy. Learn about its causes, practical tips for relief and more.

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happy woman holding pregnancy test

What To Do After Finding Out You Are Pregnant

Whether you’ve tried for years or you just got it really lucky, you should calmly take the next big steps to ensure your and your baby’s safety.

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pregnant woman with morning sickness

Dealing With Morning Sickness Like A Boss

Hyperemesis Gravidarum can be a tough road to tread, but Mama, we've got your back! This article is packed with expert advice and tips.

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crying pregnant woman because of mood swings

Pregnancy Mood Swings: What Are The Causes And How To Handle

Women who are expecting tend to show different emotions and that’s completely normal. But do we fully understand why this happens.

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asian pregnant woman standing near window

7 Emotions Mamas Usually Feel During Pregnancy

Mamas go through a rollercoaster of emotions throughout their nine months of pregnancy. Here are the seven common emotions you might experience.

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Second Trimester

From baby's growth to mom's changing body, the second trimester is a crucial time in pregnancy.

pregnant woman holding her belly

Your Baby’s Development During The 2nd Trimester And What Mama Has To Do

Getting more human-like, your bun in the oven is growing organs, gaining weight, and making you feel more connected than ever.

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asian family

Mama Story: What I Did During My Second Trimester

After three months of nausea, sensitivity, and fatigue, the second trimester is like a breath of fresh air for any mama.

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pregnant woman

Body Changes You Can Expect In The Second Trimester

The second trimester, which happens from weeks 13 through 26, is said to be the calmest trimester.

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pregnant woman eating a donut

What Is “Paglilihi” And Is It Real?

Pregnancy is more challenging than expected, given that it is accompanied with lots of symptoms including “paglilihi.”

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asian family

Top 10 Creative Maternity Shoot Ideas

Are you looking for ways to creatively capture your pregnancy journey? Then why not try having a maternity shoot?

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pregnant woman with her husband

Fetal Movement: What's Normal And What's Not During Your Second Trimester

Feeling the baby kicks halfway through the pregnancy journey may be something new and different.

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pregnant woman exercising at home

Safe And Simple Pregnancy Exercises For Each Trimester

While some people think pregnancy is an excuse not to work out, studies have shown that working out while pregnant is actually important.

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pregnant asian mama

Style And Comfort Tips For Pregnant Mamas

Pregnancy brings about immense changes on a new mama’s body. Your hormones are going haywire and this could make you feel uncomfortable.

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pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy Cravings: Why They Happen And How To Handle Them

You might have a variety of pregnancy cravings, from pickles to chocolate to crunchy, spicy or cheesy snacks.

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Third Trimester

As your due date approaches, the third trimester can bring new physical and emotional changes. Get prepared with our helpful tips and insights.

pregnant woman holding her baby bump

10 Body Changes You Can Expect In The Third Trimester

Are you in your third trimester of pregnancy or anticipating it, mama? It can be quite an exciting time.

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pregnant woman holding her baby bump

Mama Story: What I Did During My Third Trimester

By the time this mama reached the third trimester, she was eagerly waiting for her due date to draw closer. Read about how she spent her time while waiting for her baby to arrive!

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pregnant mama

Your Third Trimester Pregnancy Checklist

Ah, the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. It’s the last stretch and you’re nearly there, mama.

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pregnant woman eating a bowl of fruits

Nourish Your Pregnancy: A Guide To Healthy Eating During Every Trimester

Pregnancy is a critical stage in a woman's life, and the right nutrition is essential to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

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mom with newborn

8 Truths About The Fourth Trimester

People often think that pregnancy ends after the third trimester, but it doesn’t, mama. The transition to motherhood is often called the fourth trimester.

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pregnant woman with leg cramps

How To Deal With Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing — and then it’s suddenly not, no thanks to discomforts such as painful leg cramps.

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pregnant mom preparing for childbirth

The Different Types of Delivery

Learn more about the different types of childbirth delivery, including when they're used, their benefits and risks, and what to expect!

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pregnant woman holding baby shoes

Pregnancy Milestones To Look Forward To In Every Trimester

Pregnancy is a huge milestone, and each trimester is filled with “mini milestones” that are worth noting and looking forward to.

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pregnant mom drinking water

What Every Mom-To-Be Should Know About Childbirth

Whether you’re a newbie mom or giving birth to your third child, you can ward off labor jitters by knowing what to expect.

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