6 Anko Must-Haves Every Mama Needs This 2023

ByNiño QuizonSeptember 28, 2023
anko brand day sale
If you are a Mama searching for the best products for your little one across the platform, you have probably come across Anko already! A lot of practical and high quality products are ready to help you make your home more efficient and also be able to achieve that minimalist aesthetic look.
With much determination to allow inspiration and joy to be present at home, Anko aims to be the brand that will allow Mamas and their families to live a brighter day through the use of their products. The brand Anko has been in the edamama platform for quite some time already. Ever since their launch, a lot of Mamas were able to purchase great and very useful items ranging from children’s toys, arts and crafts supplies, and more. Their brand name, Anko, stands for “a new kind of,” which represents the minimalist vibe their products bring. When it comes to the price point, Anko products won’t let you break the bank because it is set at a price that you can enjoy.
It gets more exciting as Anko is offering discounts for their Toys, Nursery, and Gears items from August 8 to 16 where Mamas can avail product discounts while maximizing the use of brand vouchers! Continue reading this article to discover Anko’s best picks for Mamas this 2023!
Best Anko Picks for Mamas and Bean
Take this chance to buy these high quality Anko finds with discounts, Mamas! For 2023, one of the potential upgrades Mamas can get is to invest in products that suit and meet your little bean’s needs! Here are six (6) Anko must-haves for Mamas to check on:
This Anko Flat Fold High Chair is definitely a convenient option for you Mamas when your beans are about to have their daily meals or even if you just need them to stay put. This seat will allow your little one to sit comfortably and securely with its 5-point safety harness!
An easy to set up 3-in-1 Portacot by Anko is a good buy for Mamas with their beans who are at 0 to 6 months. This is designed to provide comfort to your little one because of the mesh sides that allow better flow of air for ventilation and also it allows Mamas to check on their bean easier.
Your little bean’s play time will surely be amazing when you have this Reversible Padded Mat by Anko readily available! Not only does it have its cool designs back to back, but it is a great addition to keep your child safely playing on the floor. It’s a good decoration too for your room, Mama!
Your little one’s next favorite place to play can be this Anko’s Wooden Activity Gym! An enjoyable playtime is awaiting your bean – thanks to the features of this product from Anko. It has additional hanging holes for bean’s toys but there are three (3) toys already included that are removable.
Let your bean discover their love for food and drinks as young as they are! This Wooden Coffee Shop set by Anko is perfect for encouraging your little one to enhance their critical thinking and communication skills when they try to do imaginative role playing with you, Mamas! There are seventeen (17) pieces included in the set that vary from food to utensils to coffee preparation items.
Mamas can help their little bean enhance and develop their creative side when you play with this Mega Accessory Kit by Anko during your bonding time! There are a lot of possible colorful accessories that can be made with this kit. Just make sure to have supervision when you use these because some materials may lead to a choking hazard (product is suitable for ages 6 and up).
Anko Shopping Time at edamama
All of these premium products and more are waiting for you, Mamas! Grab them at a lower and discounted price when you purchase during edamama’s 8.8 Payday Sale from Aug 8 to 16. 2023.
Not just that, Mamas can also get extra discounts by using the available brand vouchers! Use ANKOTOYS2023 to get an additional ₱100 off when you meet the minimum spend of ₱999 on Anko toys. There is also another code, ANKO2023, that you can use when you reach the minimum spend of ₱3,000 to get an extra ₱300 off on Nursery & Baby Gear essentials. ANKOSTR245 can also be used when purchasing the Anko Runabout Stroller to get P245 off with a minimum spend of P1,910 until Dec 31. There is also another code ANKODAY250 where you can get P250 off, with a min spend of P2,500 valid on all Anko products this Aug 8 only. Don’t forget too that Anko has daily flash deals available from 9AM-12NN and 9PM-12MN that feature their products with even higher discounts. Have a great shopping experience and enjoy Anko’s store-wide discounts!
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