anko: A New Kind Of Brand For Minimalist Mamas

ByMonica OtayzaOctober 21, 2022
Mamas, I know we can all relate to one another when we say that we are always on the hunt for quality, beautifully-designed products for our little ones that don't break the bank and don’t just end up cluttering our homes. Many of us want to be practical and more intentional about our purchases and some have even shifted to a minimalist aesthetic in our homes.
With edamama on our side in providing us with choice options, decision-making is a lot easier and more convenient for mamas. They are constantly on the lookout for top global brands for us to discover.
One such brand is Anko, a well-loved Australian brand of homeware, baby gear, children’s toys and arts and crafts supplies, and many more. And we’re excited that edamama finally launches this brand on their app this May.
Showcasing the Simple Joys in Everyday Living
Anko showcases a range of products that aim to spark inspiration in everyday living with aesthetically pleasing products at affordable prices. Anko puts their customers at the heart of everything they do, making sure that their products are not only of the best quality, but are practical, easy-to-use, and long-lasting.
If you’re a mama or papa looking for practical yet top quality specialized products for your family, then Anko might just be the brand you’ve been looking for. Their products have been patronized by Australian families for years, and have been proven to be durable and easy to assemble.
With their customers’ practicality and tastes in mind, Anko products complement any home and are made to be brilliant, simple, and straightforward – no fuss, whatsoever.
What to Expect from edamama’s Anko launch
As edamama becomes home to Anko’s top-selling baby and kids gear, we can expect to enjoy a beautiful assortment of products including high chairs, toilet potties, mats, strollers, portacots, bassinets, playpens, and many more.
If that isn’t exciting enough, Anko’s toys and arts and crafts collection will also be made available through edamama very soon. From basketball sets, to wooden toys, to ball pits, and coloring materials, Anko has products fit for any type of home.
Our Choice Picks from Anko
Any minimalist mama will love the look of this chair. Suitable for 3-36 months, this simple and durable seat features a safety harness anti-slip feet pads to make feeding mess-free. But if that’s impossible, at least clean-up will be a breeze with it’s easy-to-remove tray and wipable BPA-free surfaces.
Imagine your little bean drifting off to a good night’s sleep in this comfy oval-shaped bassinet. Suitable for babies up to 9kg, this also comes with castors so that you can move it from the sala to the bedroom easily. It has a soft mattress pad and a mattress cover made out of cotton ensuring your baby will feel presko as they stay in this crib.
As our little beans discover mobility, this playpen will allow them to move around and enjoy their space while keeping them secure. This comes with 1 safety gate, 3 safety panels, and 2 wall fittings. Easily configure this to use as a room, divider, safety barrier and playpen. All 6 panels can be used together to enclose up to a 3.7m opening. Interestingly, can also be used for pets when you child outgrows it.
Families are slowly gaining the confidence to venture outdoors after two years. With that we carry so much from extra masks, wipes, alcohol, and many more. Mamas with babies will definitely love using a lightweight stroller for enjoying a walk or running errands with your little one in tow. It comes with a tether strap for additional security of your baby. Super compact, it can fold easily for storage in the car or closet. Perfect for babies starting from 6 months and up to 15kg.
If you’re like us who dreaded potty training, this might be the perfect solution. This has a comfy seat, super easy to clean and has a built in wipes compartmentf for mama’s convenience. But our favorite feature is the push-button that makes a toilet flushing sound that will get your little bean intrigued.
Play Mats
Your little bean will love playing on any of these soft mats that lets them exercise their sensory, tactile and motor skills while having fun. Choose from giant foam mats, alphabet or animals prints depending on your child’s interest and your personal style.
And there’s so much more to check out from anko exclusively at edamama.
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