Appliances that’s worth getting in time for summer

ByTiffany ReyesMarch 2, 2023
asian woman cooling in front of electric fan
Summer spells fun for many – it’s a break from school, it’s a time to relax or grab that chance for revenge travel, after being locked up at home for the past years. However, traveling may not be an option for many mamas who have little kids not yet ready for tiring trips. Fret not, because summer can still be fun and literally cool, with the help of technology.
Check out our summer recommendations for breezy, nice summer days.

For best air ventilation

Summer ain’t always fun in a tropical country like ours but with great appliances, you can reduce humidity and heat at home. Get a heavy duty Big Brute Air Cooler when you don’t want to switch on your aircon or when you don’t have one in the living room or dining area. This one’s multifunctional unit that also serves as an evaporative air cooler, purifier, and humidifier. Add ice to the ice box and feel the cool air!
Summer may also be allergy season, no thanks to pollen from fruit-bearing trees that actively shed during this time. Lessen allergy attacks with an antiviral air purifier, that also prevents the spread of nasty viruses.
You may also get a much-deserved fan upgrade this year! Go big with Vornado’s Large Air Circulators sans the high electricity cost that’s usually associated with industrial fans. The brushless DC motor of this model uses up to 80% less energy, bringing modern efficiency to your home.
Get a mist fan to beat humidity and lessen heat-induced temper tantrums from your kids. This fan provides the best airflow and has a built-in overheat protection. Looking for something that fits your minimalist interior? This aesthetic Monarc 2-in1 desk and stand fan operates in 3 speed functions and draws natural wind flow to your area.

Freshen up, instantly

Get refreshing drinks with plenty of ice and you’ll surely cool down. With the Maximus Ice Maker, there is no need to wait for hours for those precious ice cubes! Perfect for parties or for everyday use at home, this cool machine only takes 7-9 minutes to make ice cubes and can produce up to 12 kilos of ice cubes daily.
Pass the bucket of ice in your outdoor gatherings with Sunbeams Lifestyle Ice Bucket, which has a 1.6L capacity. Its cooking surface will also not absorb odors or flavors that are microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe.
You can also make your own healthy, fresh fruit smoothie with a Tefal Blendforce Blender/Grinder. The brand itself is your guarantee, add recent technology, and you get a long-lasting machine for all your slush needs.

Portable comfort

For those summer strolls in the village, make sure your baby is comfortable because heat may cause discomfort, rashes, or even sniffles. Use a battery-operated Dreambaby Stroller Fan, which can direct airflow for your baby. It also has non-toxic soft foam fins to ensure total safety.
If you need to be more mobile, even at home, you don’t have to bring your chunky fan with you all the time. Wash dishes comfortably or do some laundry with a portable air circulating fan.
Bring cool drinks for your baby with Nanobebe’s Cooler Travel pack, a compact cooler that saves space while storing everything from bottles and sippy cups to baby food and snacks. Its triple-layer Nanocell™ insulation and an included gel ice pack will keep your baby’s food fresh for hours.
Yes summer may bring some days of inconvenience but nothing beats a mama who’s prepared for any weather, literally! Go have summer fun, fresh and cool mama.
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