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Comfy Clothing for Mama? Gym Apparel is the Key

ByEdamama Editorial TeamJanuary 9, 2023
asian woman wearing gym attire
Many Mamas may now be thinking of instilling exercise in their routine despite the busy schedule brought by the responsibility of taking care of their little bean. Some who are already active may also be wondering of ways to improve their workouts. Nevertheless, female gym attire is an important thing Mamas should keep in mind when having an active lifestyle. It can actually be even taken into everyday life. Being a Mama is no joke and can be labeled as an extreme sport. Taking care of beans is no easy task as it requires constant movement at times, especially when they reach their toddler to preschool years! This article will feature why Mamas should wear gym apparel whether on a chill or a busy day.
Why Wear Gym Apparel?
Mamas can be stylish in their own ways! One of the examples is seizing the day while wearing their gym clothes on a daily basis. Though for some, this is not a usual sight to see, Mamas deeply enjoy the comfort it brings when they suit up in their favorite gym clothes. With the hectic schedule and different tasks needed to be faced everyday, Mamas will surely go for an outfit that will allow them to still stay refreshed and comfy. We’re stating below different scenarios where Mamas can flex their desired gym apparel.
On exercises
Exercising will require Mamas to move as much as they can, depending on the intensity of their workout routines. This is why wearing gym clothes during this activity would likely be a known fact for all. We should always dress appropriately mostly when we’re required to do big movements or load up on fitness sessions. This is primarily for safety reasons too. The bodies of Mamas are changing especially during the early stages of post pregnancy. So not only will proper gym clothes keep the women from injuries, but keep them comfortable too during movements and exhaustion.
In the household
Many may ask, “do workout clothes make a difference even if I’m just at home?”. It was told earlier that the life of a Mama generally requires active movement even during outside the time for workouts. Doing some chores with papa, running for groceries, and especially taking care of the bean. Not to mention it can get busier when the little one starts to move around independently with full energy! And different types of Mamas may prefer, if not need, specific gym attire. A lot of the gym attire for females out there are very cozy to wear and could definitely boost Mamas when doing their errands or providing the needs of their little bean.
Later in this read, we will give a list of gym apparel Mamas can confidently wear anytime, anywhere, or as long as they want to!
Gym Attire Looks to Try
For expecting Mamas
We can’t deny that Mamas when carrying their soon-to-be beans tend to have positive and negative feelings, right? It is without doubt, a challenging thing to do that will require effort. That’s why we will look at the opportunity of giving some female gym attire combinations during the process to make Mamas feel and look good!
The core clothing during pregnancy months are maternity leggings and some comfortable rubber shoes. The difference will mostly be for the top. For the early months, Mamas can rock a sports bra and add a comfortable tee if preferred. As the baby bump grows, maternity tanks can be worn. And when the bean is getting big, we can add a breathable sweatshirt to keep the figure. Make sure to give your gym apparel a good fit to accommodate your needs as an expecting Mama!
For breastfeeding Mamas
Breastfeeding is no easy task and this can have a couple of effects for the Mamas. But the main struggle is comfortability as they can experience soreness and other natural reactions, especially during the first few weeks. This is where the positive impact of wearing workout clothes more often comes in. With that, the top clothing of Mamas will focus on the comfortability for the breasts. Postpartum leggings are still important in the set of gym clothes of women. But since childbirth is done, support is not much of a priority anymore. Joggers and bike shorts are good alternatives for the bottoms. When it comes to the top, loose nursing tanks or loose nursing shirts are the main options. If needed to feel more cozy around people, nursing bras can be part of the female gym attire too. Nursing wrap or loose hoodies can be added for layering if preferred. Also, post pregnancy can be a stressful phase as Mamas adjust so time is not usually on their side. This is why wearing caps is great for Mamas when they choose to cover their hair when not in perfect condition.
Classic combinations
All workout clothes make a difference! The previous examples mentioned in this article are deemed to have a variety of additional purposes depending on the needs of the Mama or on which stage of pregnancy they are in. But for regular Mamas, simple and classic gym apparel is already enough. Regular sports bras, leggings, tees, shoes, and sweaters - these can serve the purpose for the movement, comfortability, and breathability during exercises. It now all boils down to the style preference, specifically on designs on the gym apparel or even the color and sizes. Some Mamas like to go with light but colored fit wear. We often see pastel colored fit wear today too, right? And there are others who go out with simple designed but cool gym clothes. No matter what the style may be, Mamas will surely be energized having to express their fashion sense.
Moving Forward with Mamas
Now that we’ve expressed how wearing gym apparel in Mamas everyday life is helpful in many ways (mostly in feeling at their best in midst of challenges while looking after bean), let’s check on how we can move forward to reap its advantages!
There is a variety of gym attire waiting to be worn by Mamas, just like what was stated in the previous paragraphs. For Mamas who are on the plus side, there is no need to worry since there are oversized gym wear readily available for you such as tees, hoodies, and even leggings.
With all of these opportunities for women to rock gym clothes and make it very beneficial to their use, Mamas should give value in knowing their needs and going with the preferred workout clothes to further appreciate the use of gym apparel. Using the right kind of gym attire can bring more energy to Mamas. Comfortability is a big key in pursuing an active lifestyle because this can help the person remain consistent. Following preferred personal styles, on the other hand, can bring confidence. It is a normal effect in post pregnancy to have changes with the body. So having a Mama attend to her fashion sense in an active lifestyle setting helps make her feel and look perfect. This confidence can eventually translate to the mood and motivation in either working out or moving around the house. With these, we can say that what the Mamas wear can serve as one of the foundations in braving the busy life of a parent. Go grab this sign to wear your best-loved gym clothes out there! You do you, Mama!
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