This Mama of 3 Claims Online Gift Registries Make A Mom’s Life Easier

ByJerni Camposano-GomezOctober 21, 2022
lim family story
With three tiny humans to take care of, mama Angeline Yao-Lim’s day can look pretty hectic. “Being a mom of 3 is challenging. But at the end of the day, especially when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet, I can honestly say this is where I am supposed to be,” she quipped. 
Angeline wanted to have just boys, but God had other plans for her and husband Taffy. After parenting two boys—Roco and Lucas—the couple was blessed with a baby girl and they couldn’t be any happier. They named her Helena Rose, after the beautiful names of her grandmothers from both sides. 
“I’ve always believed that boys are more laidback than girls so I was okay with having two sons. But when we had Helena, everything changed! It’s like l have an instant best friend,” she mused.
The family’s unica hija recently celebrated her third birthday in style, featuring her favorites at the moment: unicorn and Disney’s Frozen characters. It was also a celebration of her christening. 
“After two years, we finally pushed through with her christening. Helena’s 1st birthday party was hit by the first lockdown. To stay safe and follow protocols, we just met with her godparents at the church and had special food delivered to their place in lieu of a physical celebration,” she shared. 
To make this celebration much more special, Angeline decided to have an online gift registry. “As a mom of three, you can only imagine the amount of toys and kids stuff we have at home. With a gift registry, it’s easier for friends and family to know what Helena can use and what she really wants,” she explained. “Since we have three kids at home, we receive tons of gifts whenever there’s an occasion. Even if it’s the other kid’s birthday, the other two would also receive small gifts. So it’s nearly impossible not to get double gifts, and since I don’t want the gifts to go to waste, I tend to recycle some of it. With a gift registry, I am spared of the guilt of recycling gifts.”
Because she also doesn’t want their loved ones to risk going out just to buy gifts for their little girl, Angeline created an edamama Gift Registry. “With edamama, everything is just a click away, which I find really convenient. Helena’s 3rd Birthday Gift Registry had a mix of toys she wants as well as some clothes and necessities. If we had a big celebration, I would have added a lot more items in her Gift Registry since edamama has over 40,000 trusted and loved products for moms, babies, and kids!” 
Angeline continued, “Our guests also loved that they were able to enjoy free shipping and gift wrapping when they ordered a gift from the edamama Gift Registry, so that’s convenience and savings for them too!” 
Would she recommend an online gift registry to her family, friends, and followers? “Definitely! It can make a mom’s life, especially those with multiple kids, easier.” 
For this wonder wo-mom, she feels fulfilled as a mother when those three pairs of eyes look at her like she is the best person in the world. “Even if I sometimes become she-hulk mama, they still trust me wholeheartedly and I love them with all my heart,” Angeline concluded.
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