Subscribe & Save: Why Smart and Practical Mamas Should Take Advantage of This Feature

ByJerni Camposano-GomezJune 26, 2023
edamama subscribe and save
In between daily tasks, some mamas find time to sit down with their phones, searching for deals and vouchers to get the best out of their diaper purchases. We feel you, and we've got the solution: edamama's Subscribe & Save feature!
A child’s diaper supply comes with a hefty price tag and can take a huge chunk of the family budget. This can be overwhelming, especially for mamas who are always finding ways to beef up savings without compromising their little one’s needs. 
We’re here to help! Introducing Subscribe & Save, our new feature that will help you cut your diaper costs by paying less for more savings. 
Why should you use this feature? Aside from enjoying exclusive perks and rewards, you also get Best Price Guarantee on diapers! Also, never run out of nappies with our flexible delivery frequency, where you can choose to have your diaper subscriptions delivered between 30 or 60 days. And wherever you are in the Philippines, we’ll ship the items to you for FREE!
Sounds like a great deal, yes? Here’s how you can start saving...
Subscribe & Save grows with you
We don't want to keep your essentials in a box— literally and figuratively. You can manage your next subscription easily with just one click!
Skip your next subscription, for any reason! You may still have stock at home from your last delivery or grocery run, so save money by pausing the next batch.
Edit your subscription. We're with you every step of the way, and that includes size changes, or even change of designs! Absolutely no need for you to cancel your subscription and restart.
Change payment method from cash on delivery (COD) to credit cards for an even more convenient experience for you, mama.
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