Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks When You Have Active Kids Around

ByJerni Camposano-GomezJanuary 11, 2022
cleaning up after kids
Moms know this to be true: keeping a house clean and organized is a herculean task. It feels like an impossible task, especially when you have kids playing and running around all day. It can be frustrating to see that no matter how much cleaning you’ve already accomplished, there are already bread crumbs on the floor or the toy shelves are in chaos once again. 
You’re not alone, mama. The struggle to maintain a clean home is real—but it can be done! Keep these tips and tricks in mind so that “kids” and “cleanliness” can coexist in your home. 
1. Do it while they’re still sleeping. 
A lot of mamas do not follow the “sleep when your baby sleeps” rule simply because our little one’s nap times are some of the most productive moments for us. Whether it’s tidying up the play area or tossing some laundry into the washing machine, you have that extra time to accomplish tasks on your to-do list. Some mamas also wake up an hour or two before their kids do to start the cleanup activities. 
2. Get them involved. 
Put their unstoppable energies into good use and involve your children in your bid to keep the abode sparkly clean. Give them a task you think they’d enjoy doing, such as mopping or wiping the windows and other surfaces. Just make sure to use safe and eco-friendly products such as the Suds Sustainable Antibacterial and All-Purpose Cleaner Pods, which can be simply dropped into a spray bottle or a bucket of water. 
3. Designate a play area.
Hamlet Kids Room Siona Kids Table and Chair Set
By assigning a play area and putting all toys here, you encourage (or “distract”) your kids to stay in this corner of the house and minimize the chance of you picking up blocks and plushies everywhere. This trick also works because you get to clean up without kids running around. 
Fill this space up with items that will allow them to have fun while learning: extra large playmats, table and chairs, puzzles, and building blocks
4. Organize using storage solutions.
Shimoyama PP Deep Storage Basket
You’ll thank yourself for getting good storage bins and storage boxes to keep your kids’ different kinds of books and toys. These will help little ones to grab stuff easily and put them back as well. Just teach and train them to clean up by themselves after playing.  
5. Incorporate games. 
Make cleaning a fun time for everyone by incorporating games and activities. This will also discourage your child from thinking that cleaning is a laborious task. For example, you can teach counting by playing a game of “Pick up 5 toys” or get them giddy with an “I spy (ex: a crumpled paper on the floor)” activity that will keep them moving—and your house cleaner. 
If you’re that extra, you can even get them their own set of “cleaning” tools so they can dust, sweep, and mop at their own pace. 
Melissa and Doug Lets Play House! Dust! Sweep! Mop!
6. Set achievable goals.
If you have four bedrooms and you think you won’t be able to clean them all at once, it’s time for you to set smaller goals you can realistically accomplish. You can focus on the living areas and the kitchen today, then tackle the bedrooms the next day. 
7. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
Us moms like to get things done, especially if it’s about the family or the house. But because our to-do list is long and with so many distractions, sometimes our home is a disaster. It’s okay, mama. Forgive yourself. You can always do it some other time if you need to rest or prioritize other tasks. Remember that when you’re stressed, your little ones can feel that too.
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