How this pregnant mama gave birth to a thriving fashion business

ByTiffany ReyesJune 13, 2022
What began as a personal necessity for then-pregnant mama Roylence Francia has blossomed into a business that has assisted thousands of Filipino moms. Here’s the story of Valianne’s Trends, which gave mothers a fashion option that helps them comfortably feed their children in public.
When passion and business meet
Over four years ago, Mama Roylence started selling pre-ordered breastfeeding clothes and immediately drew an untapped local market.
“What started with no onhand items way back 2017 (when we started accepting pre-order shopping only) is now slowly growing through the help of Filipino moms nationwide,” the brand said in its recent Facebook post.
As she raised her eldest, Mama Roylence put on her entrepreneur hat and saw the business slowly flourish. Breastfeeding clothes of many designs and varied sizes were sold online and in bazaars. And while the product appeared to be just for a niche market, it steadily attracted a new wave of customers who were eager to breastfeed their children. From there, the label eventually grew a community of parents with the same advocacy.
“We are leveraging our goal to influence empowerment for every mom specifically by promoting breastfeeding as a natural God-given gift to all women,” Ramilo said.
Valianne’s Trends offer various products: from best-selling nursing tops to breastfeeding dresses. It also has trendy coordinates and nursing blouses, and an intimate line, from seamless and no-wire breastfeeding bras to waist trainers.
The motherhood journey continues
Now, Valianne’s Trends is not just for breastfeeding moms. It now has Momma Cares, which feature self-care products for every stage of motherhood, and a baby-essentials line, Valiant Toddlers, for the babies we are raising.
“As we continue our online brand for moms, we remain an anchor to our purpose of providing Filipino moms with trendy, quality, and affordable collections. Filipino moms can flaunt and style in all phases of their motherhood journey as we add brands such as Momma Cares and Valiant Toddlers to provide relevant products for postpartum care and the growing family,” Mama Roylence said.
The homegrown brand is also helping improve the lives of local seamstresses and riders.
“It is true that when you support a small business, you are helping support a dream. Thank you for supporting our small team of sewers, staff, and riders,” the company said.
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