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Must-haves for your sleek, squeaky clean kitchen

ByTiffany ReyesFebruary 21, 2023
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If you’re aiming for a pinterest-worthy kitchen, then you probably shouldn’t stay at home–just kidding, mama!. We know how hard it would be to keep our houses squeaky clean, especially when we have children who love to experiment by, hmm, making a mess. Busy mamas may also have no time rearranging food pantries every day. However if you do decide to reclaim the glory of your kitchen one weekend, these are tools that are worth every penny.

For general food storage

Keep cereals and chips crisp with air-tight containers! Apart from saving money, you’ll also ensure that the food your family consumes is safe to eat. You will also keep away ants and other bugs by using air-tight containers like Ankou’s Multipurpose food containers or the BPA-free QT hub containers.
If you have kids who love rummaging through cabinets for snacks, this bread box is a must-have! Let them pick the snack for the day using this box and your pantry is hopefully safe from getting disorganized again.
Looking for something to stylishly showcase candies and other food to nibble on? Check out these Bamboo food canisters – perfect for any interior design!

For baby’s food

Babies have sensitive tummies so whatever we use for their food must be extra sterile. Skip smelly containers or unsafe reusable plastics! Use baby food freezer cubes for those healthy baby food purees.
For a well-arranged freezer, set aside your precious breast milk bags by using Nanobèbè’s organizer. This not only makes it easy to get your precious gold, this organizer also ensures your baby’s milk is not easily mixed with raw food in the freezer or refrigerator.

For an organized refrigerator

Keep out all those bills and other non-essential reminders under your travel magnets on the refrigerator. No more eyesores when you use a magnetic organizer rack, which can house paper bills, small condiments, and other essentials.
Inside your refrigerator, you can also be organized! Thanks to fridge bin organizers, you don’t have to take out ref contents one by one when you need something from the further part of the fridge. Use clear bins to arrange tetra drinks, milks, juices, soda cans, condiments, and more. This will eventually help you save up because you will easily see and consume (before it expires!) whatever you have in the ref.

Cleaner kitchen

Invest in a durable and useful trash can to keep the garbage out of sight. For a small family, this size is just right for a day’s worth of trash. Surely there will be no more foul smell when you properly manage waste.
Looking for #TeamKahoy inspiration while you wash dishes? Check out this bamboo soap dish for your aesthetic-looking kitchen. Don’t forget to pick the best dishwashing products for that mountain of dishes to clean!

Keep it dry

A wet and damp kitchen is definitely unpleasant. Keep your table, sink, and floor dry with the right tools.
Use a non-slip waterproof rug for your dirty kitchen but make it fashionable with nice prints! By the sink, you may also use a non-slip floor mat with stylish prints.
You can also use a paper towel holder to keep your essential kitchen towel in place. Hand towels are also a must; but you don’t need to spend a lot. This set is only P200.
Got more ideas, mama? Check out edamama’s kitchenware listings for more options!
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