Inspiring And Empowering: Pregnant Rihanna Delivers An Iconic Super Bowl Show

ByEdamama Editorial TeamFebruary 14, 2023
pregnant Rihanna performing at Super Bowl
Music superstar and new mama Rihanna isn’t short of surprises. During her electrifying performance at the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime, she was seen caressing her belly at the beginning of her 13-minute epic number.
This sent waves of speculation among her fans and the millions of viewers of the biggest sports event. And then it was confirmed by the singer’s rep shortly after the performance: Yes, mama Rihanna is pregnant with Baby #2!
Our girl RiRi just became the first pregnant woman to headline a Super Bowl Halftime show. And in case you didn’t know, performing here is in the bucket list of almost every music artist as it is considered one of the biggest stages in the world.
So many of us were just in awe — well, after recovering from the shock — and couldn’t help but comment: what a way to reveal a pregnancy!
There is no doubt this soon-to-be mama of 2 delivered (pun intended) a spectacle of a show. After much anticipation (pun intended, again), her first live act in seven years is more than just a thrilling performance — it was sending messages of inspiration and empowerment to millions of mamas across the globe.
Rihanna is showing the world a woman can take on anything, even and especially while she’s pregnant and doing motherhood her way. Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing and it’s one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can go through. But it is never easy. So Rihanna giving us that iconic show while carrying a child inside her is way beyond impressive.
In her interview with reporter Terri Seymour of Extra in November 2022, Rihanna shared the reason she said yes to performing at the Super Bowl. “I feel like it was now or never, really. There’s this weird **** that happens when you become a mom, that you just unleash or unlock other parts of your superpower, you feel like you can take on or you could do anything. I wanted to take on the challenge and I wanted to do something that would force me to get back onstage.”
The nine-time Grammy-winning artist and beauty mogul gave birth to her first child with partner, rapper A$AP Rocky, in May 2022. In true Rihanna fashion, she also surprised everyone with a pregnancy reveal by debuting her bare baby bump on a stroll in New York in January 2022.
She gushed about motherhood in the same Extra interview, saying “It is crazy. It is amazing. It’s wild. It’s weird. It’s all of those things, all at once. The best feeling, the best. The most love I’ve ever known. I can’t describe it. It’s new. It’s fascinating. Every step, every facial expression, every new milestone. I love it.”
So the next time something is holding you back, mama, think how Rihanna pushed through with this performance and embraced the position she was in. Pregnancy and motherhood should not limit what you can achieve and accomplish. This has been proven by countless mamas all over the world who are doing an amazing job in the ultimate balancing act of juggling the multiple demands of motherhood.
From all the mamas you continue to inspire and empower, all we can say is that you truly shine bright like a diamond, mama Rihanna!
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