Style and Comfort Tips for Pregnant Mamas

ByTiffany ReyesJune 27, 2023
pregnant mom
Pregnancy brings about immense changes on a new mama’s body. Your hormones are going haywire and this could make you feel uncomfortable. But you have control in the wardrobe department!
Embrace those bodily changes by wearing appropriate clothes and trying these useful tools. Here are some ideas:
Bodily change 1: Big breasts for months
You shall be blessed with a bigger bust, and you will observe this starting the first week after conception, according to the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. As early as the first trimester, breasts may feel tender and swollen, nipples will begin to darken and get bigger due to hormonal changes. In preparation for breastfeeding, milk ducts will also be activated. Then it’s time to put aside your pre-pregnancy underwear.
As early as the first few weeks, it’s best to find the best underwear—no wires and easily expandable to accommodate the growing size. You can also invest in breastfeeding-ready bras (clasps in front for easy access), something that you can use months even after you’ve given birth.
You can go for Mamaway Antibacterial Seamless Nursing Bra, which stretches up to 3 cup sizes bigger as you progress further in your pregnancy. You can also check out Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breast Pump Bra, which comes handy for postpartum pump time.
Scared of sagging breasts? Prevent that prior to childbirth with the Mustela Bust Firming Serum.
Postpartum, get rid of nipple pain due to breastfeeding with this lanolin-based nursing balm from Biolane.
Bodily change 2: Discharge, unusual body temperatures
Due to hormonal changes and increased blood flow, most pregnant women experience hot flashes. It’s harder to be pregnant in tropical Philippines, especially during summer so finding light clothes will help ease the pregnancy-related discomfort.
Take a cue from celebrity mom Nikka Martinez-Garcia, who opted for a neutral, snug but comfortable dress during her third trimester.
Source: Nikka Garcia
You may also go for rompers—they’re fashionable and practical! You can never go wrong with plain, cotton tees too. Use them during the first trimester, postpartum, and beyond.
When you want to don a little black dress but need to stay comfortable, try Mamaway Maternity & Nursing Dress With Built-in Bra.
You can also consider wearing cotton leggings, which allows freer movement, compared to denims. It’s practical too, as leggings expand along with your belly.
Celebrity mom Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio swears by leggings too!
Bodily change 3: Dark underarms
Pregnant women get darker underarms during pregnancy due to the extra estrogen that the body produces. If you were fond of wearing tank tops and sleeveless dresses before you got pregnant, and cannot confidently flaunt your armpits just yet, you can opt for these cuts or try these celebrity-backed styles.
Look at Andi Eigenmann, a known love-your-body advocate, glow in this off-the-shoulder maternity dress.
Hormonal changes can also bring some odd odors. Try using irritant-free soap for your daily showers.
Bodily change 4: That big, big bump
As your pregnancy progresses, you will see your bump grow. But not all bumps are created equal—some moms look like they’re ready to pop at 7 months, while some appear to be barely there at all. At whatever stage you’re in, comfort remains the top consideration. Support your growing belly with Mamaway Ergonomic Maternity Support Belt and instantly be relieved of the pressure on your back, pelvis, and spine.
Meanwhile, if you’d like to dress up the bump and still be practical, you can try layering, and use old clothes that might still fit you.
See how Anne Curtis amped up her maternity look by adding a boyfriend shirt to her maternity top tank.
Source: Anne Curtis
For casual strolls with the family, try Nadine Samonte-Chua’s classic jumper look.
And if that big tummy makes it hard for you to find the best sleeping position, try using Mamaway Hypoallergenic Maternity Support & Nursing Pillow that can help alleviate the pressure off your back and belly.
Bodily change 5: Stretch marks
While most mommas proudly wear these marks, they could be itchy and uncomfortable. Prevent those marks with Bloomglow Moisture Renew Oil or Morrison Premium Collagen Body Cream. Biolane Stretchmarks Cream also advocates that prevention is better than cure.
Post-partum changes: Loose belly, dry skin
Your body went through a lot when it grew a human! Help it recover well with these tools that are luckily available now in the market.
Best for moms who had Caesarian delivery, Mamaway Nano Bamboo Post-Natal Recovery Belly Band is a good investment; it helps compress your belly area, holds together your loose skin and muscles. It helps you recover faster as it helps you position your muscles back to its pre-pregnancy form.
Say goodbye to dry skin and achieve post-pregnancy glow with Mustela Body Firming Gel.

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