Top 12 Gifts Perfect for the Working Mom

ByMica ValledorNovember 28, 2022
Woman carrying Christmas gifts
Mothers come in a wide range of ages, backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and dispositions. While some mothers run marathons, others manage companies, and still others run around town taking their kids to softball games and violin lessons. While some still have children living at home, others are now empty nesters. Now, you’ve come to the correct place if you're a busy mom or you know someone who is.
Working moms always balance one or more tasks because it's like having two full-time jobs. These mamas already work so hard to provide for their families, and as the Christmas season approaches, they spend a lot of time shopping for others and don't have time to treat themselves since it doesn't seem practical or they just don’t have time to treat themselves.
So, anything that makes a working mom's life simpler is welcome considering the kids, deadlines, and work chores they have to complete. Don’t know what to give a working mama? We’ve got you covered. We at edamama have put together a list of the 12 best presents for working moms below. Read on to find out more!
Moms on the go always have to juggle all their work, chores, and family tasks. It’s a lot to do and oftentimes, multitasking isn’t easy, especially when moms have to worry about providing delicious and nutritious meals for their little ones. So, if you or anyone you know is a working supermama, then you might want to get the Pronuben Baby Multifruit Puree.
This comes in a pack of two and eliminates the worry and need to create a good, healthy meal for your little one. It’s packed with vitamin C, fresh fruit, and carries no artificial flavors!
Every working mama needs (and deserves) an everyday bag they don’t have to worry about. If you’re a mom in need of this kind of accessory, then you might want to check the Hedgren Kyela Tote Bag which is a one stop shop kind of bag since it’s water and dust repellant, has three main components, has a smart sleeve perfect for your luggage, and more! It combines fashion and function so you don’t have to worry about anything.
SHIQ creates stylish handcrafted bags and shoes using vegan leather that is cruelty free and inspired by a woman's femininity and strength. SHIQ provides bags that reflect your personality; so it’s never dull and always prioritizes functionality. One bag that’s perfect for the working mom is the Nora bag. Its style is classic and goes with everything. So, no matter the fashion fads or season, you can be sure that this bag will go with all of your outfits and is perfect for all occassions.
The Paperdolls Sakura Kimono with Sash Belt is great for every mama on the go since it’s simple yet elegant and overall easy to wear! It goes with anything and is great for any type of occassion. If you’re a busy mom looking for no fuss or frills type of style choices, then this is the top to beat. It’s feminine and chic without all of the hassle. This is great for any mom, no matter the body type too!
Sunbeams Lifestyle
Of course, any working mom would look for order. So, for those mamas looking for ensure their lives, schedules, bills, and other tasks are always aligned and organized, this Gray Label Premium Memo Board by Sunbeams Lifestyle would be the perfect gift!
It’s suitable for both the office and home setting so you won’t have to forget about bills, reminders, tasks, or any other important date ever again! Simply click or pin it on the display grid and you’ll be sure to get those important reminders when needed.
Aller Plasma
The only thing every mamas want in a good, clean, and protected home is pure air. Now, thanks to the Aller Plasma Surface Sterilizer, we can all breathe better since this little device generates cold plasma air, which is a combination of positive and negative ions that actively destroys bacteria while reducing odor and hazardous VOCs. This sterilizer is perfectly safe for the entire family, including your pets, as it contains no hazardous chemicals. What’s more, it’s portable!
Sometimes all a hardworking mama needs is some upbeat or relaxing tunes to help wind down after a long day at work. And what better way to listen to music than with the TWS Headset HT28 by Lenovo? The transmission distance of this TWS Headset, model number HT28, is up to 10 meters (33 feet), and its frequency range is 20 to 20000 Hz. It can play music for 4 hours and charge for 1 hour. It is available in black and white.
Promate’s commitment to serving their buyers quality innovation continues to set them apart. Take for example their Portfolio-S Sleek Water Resistant Laptop Sleeve - This stylish, cutting-edge protective sleeve is made to shield your laptop from any unwelcome bumps and chips, scratches, and dents that could harm your device. Its cutting-edge, clean, stylish design offers the ideal appearance for both business and relaxation.
Happy Island
Looking for floral scents, deep sweet scents, or fresh clean linen scents? You can find all of these in the Happy Island travel tin candle bundle! The bundle contains 5 signature scents by Happy Island, including the Hawaiian Honey Blossom, Melon Cucumber, Salted Caramel, Green Tea, and Floral Fusion. Why have one when you can have 5 to choose from?
For those mamas looking for a multifunctional baby bag, this baby bag by Banff is the perfect option! This particular multipurpose baby bag functions as a backpack, handbag, and sling (detachable) bag.
There’s plenty room inside for baby diapers, clothing, and two water bottles. It even comes with two velcro straps to keep it in place. The front dome can accommodate four large milk bottles and is completely insulated. Even the zippers are water-resistant on the outside!
B Coffee Co.
Ideal for mamas who like to start their days with a fresh cup of coffee, the Freshman Gift Set by B Coffee brings everything any coffee lover needs to start off their personal barista journey. With a Freshman machine of your own and a sampler box including each B's 9 capsule types, you can make coffee of cafe-like quality for both you and your family! With the Freshman, brewing has been made much simpler and easier since convenience is guaranteed.
Amelia Sleepwear
For those looking for chix house slippers that are as comfortable as they are aesthetic, the Greta Satin Slip-On by Amelia Sleepwear is the ultimate solution. It comes in black and ivory so any and every mama can get that luxurious feel whenever they use the slippers. The slip-on style shoes have quilted underfoot padding and are made of luxury silk, giving them a nice, soft feel.
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