Where Have You bean?: Good Fashion Finds at Even Better Prices

ByLorenzo FernandezMay 23, 2023
asian toddler wearing clothes from bean
Buying clothes for your little one can be very challenging, regardless of age. There’s just so much that you have to consider. For example, for your newborn baby, you’ll need to have something that’s not going to irritate their skin as it can be very sensitive. If you’ve got a toddler, you’ll want to make sure that it’s comfortable enough for them to go run around in.
Given all the choices that you have, it can get very difficult to find which brand or which kind works best. However, it gets much easier when you know where to find what clothes tick all the boxes you have in mind. Fortunately, there is a way to achieve this.
Among the many clothing brands out there, bean happens to be one of the few that consistently make great pieces. Whether it’s for your infant, toddler, or what have you, this brand has got your little one’s clothing needs looked after. What’s more, these items are all quality and reasonably priced!
To prove that point, this article will be showing you some great finds from bean that go for less than P500. But, despite this, you can still be assured that these finds are of excellent quality and worthy of your little one. So, if you’re looking for some great clothing finds for your baby, read on!

Afforda-bean Clothes for Your Baby

bean understands that being a mama can be hard work. After all, there are a lot of responsibilities that come with being a mama. So, when it comes to clothing, you can be rest assured that they’ll have something that’s perfect for the needs of a mama and her baby. More specifically, you can be sure that the clothes are ideal for your little one, from the materials and its construction and everything else in between, it’ll be something that’ll be good enough for your baby. Plus, bean also works with local designers. So, it’s also homegrown!
With that in mind, here are some great finds from bean that would be great for your baby. What’s more, these are all below P500. So, you’ll be able to find something that’s affordable, but still not compromise on quality.

Alessa Lanot Sleeveless Onesie

If you’ve still got a newborn baby on your hands, a onesie would be a great thing for them to wear. Onesies are almost always snug enough to keep your baby warm. However, sometimes they could get a little uncomfortable for your baby, which is something you don’t want. This could get them fussy, after all.
Fortunately, this sleeveless onesie from bean gives your baby all the comfort of a onesie without the risk of irritating their skin. What’s more, it’s also made of cotton spandex, which is both breathable and soft enough to ensure your baby will love wearing this!

Babycosy Organic T-shirts

If you’re looking for something that your little one can wear both at home or outside, then bean’s Babycosy shirts may be just what you need! These shirts are perfect for the heat, as they’re made from beech wood fabric. This fabric keeps your child comfortable despite the heat as it keeps them cool and is also sweat-resistant. It’s perfect for them to play in, if you think about it!
Aside from this, these t-shirts are rather versatile as they can go with any outfit, whether it’s for home use or for a trip outside the house. So, these shirts are definitely a must-buy if you want something that’s both comfy and for almost all occasions!

2-Piece Stripes and Bottom Set

Another ideal outfit can be found in this two-piece set. While this set is ideally meant as loungewear, it’s still versatile enough to be used for more than that. This can also be something your child could wear on a day out or other similar occasions.
The versatility alone should be enough for you to consider this set. However, as this is a bean product, you can also count on it being comfortable enough for your baby to wear. Fortunately, this is true. It’s also made from cotton spandex, which offers maximum breathability. So, you’re rest-assured that your baby will be as comfortable as they can be when they wear this!

2-Piece Floral Top and Bottom Set

In line with some more versatile loungewear, you have this two-piece floral top and bottom set. This set is also made with cotton spandex, so you know that it’s definitely going to be comfortable enough for your child to want to wear.
This set is made up of a button down for a top and shorts for the bottoms. It strikes a perfect balance between something you can wear at home and at out-of-the-house occasions too. What’s more, it doesn’t look too casual too. So, you know that it’s something your child can wear in a whole host of different settings. That’s definitely a plus!

Shortsleeves Woven Top

Moving on from loungewear, we’ve found something that’s perfect for more formal occasions. This woven short sleeve button down is a rather simple piece of clothing, yet it’s also versatile. Whether you're dressing your child for a casual get-together or a semi-formal occasion, this top is definitely something that’ll fit the situation.
Aside from that, as this is a bean product, you can be rest assured knowing that this is made with quality materials. You can also be certain that this top’s made with quality in mind. So, your child will have something that’s both comfortable and sturdy enough to wear over and over again.

Alessa Lanot Full Print Dress

In line with more formal, or at least semi-formal, occasions, we’ve also found something that’s perfect for your little girl. This printed dress is perfect for outdoor get-togethers or just for your kid’s Sunday’s best. Not only is it comfortable to wear, it’s also pretty to look at!
The dress is also made out of a mix of cotton and elastane, which offers excellent breathability and stretchability. So, not only is it versatile enough to wear on different occasions. It’s also versatile in the sense that your child can wear it to play too!
Finding clothes that are a perfect fit for your little one can be hard sometimes. Whether it’s because you can’t find something that’s comfortable enough for them to wear or something that’s not too steep in terms of price, buying clothes can be a lot of trouble. However, there are some brands that make things much easier for you. A perfect example of this can be found in what bean has. Not only do they have quality pieces, but they also have ones that are reasonably priced!
So, if you’re looking for something that you’re sure your little one will love to wear, consider these pieces from bean that we’ve listed! These are not only great, but they’re also at a price that’s definitely reasonable. That’s surely going to give you and your child your money’s worth.
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