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Alilo Smarty Shake and Tell Rattle

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About Alilo Smarty Shake and Tell Rattle

Say hello to Alilo! Here to bring joy to every kid’s childhood, Alilo believes that learning through playing brings profound impact on children’s development. The best Bunny and buddy from Alilo, the number one Edutainment Toy for your little one!Alilo Smarty Shake & Tell Rattle is an intelligent smart digital player rattle a fun time with your little kid! With over 15 different rattle sounds (ranging from musical instruments, sound effects to animal calls), playback songs, stories or lullabies, etc., you can help develop your child’s touch stimulus, auditory stimulation, hand-eye coordination, and sensory development! What makes the Alilo Smarty really clever though is its ability to identify up to 9 different colors. It’s so fun, right mama?

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