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bean Snappies Airplane Gear Cloth Diaper

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About bean Snappies Airplane Gear Cloth Diaper

Hey there Mama! Why should you make a switch to cloth diapers?  


Going green just got easy! Start your baby cloth diapering right with bean's Cloth Diapers. Our adorable cloth diapers are excellent to use to make all babies' skin healthy and comfortable. Made of waterproof fabric, breathable and safe for baby's skin. Featuring high quality inner suede cloth with good absorbency which helps to prevent side leakage and keep your baby dry. Adjustable snaps allows a comfortable fit according to your baby's growth stage easily.


Let your baby enjoy comfort and absorbent protection with Bean's Cloth Diapers!

✓ Free one insert pad

✓ Outer Waterproof layer

✓ Inner Suede Cloth

✓ Good water absorption  

✓ Prevent side leakage

✓ Adjustable Snap  

✓ Prevents diaper rash

✓ Washable  

✓ Recyclable & Economical 

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