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Esfolio Multi Grain Sun Cream 30G

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About Esfolio Multi Grain Sun Cream 30G

Esfolio was founded in 2011 and continues to work hard to produce and sell quality skincare and cosmetics products that are safe and reliable to customers. In Esfolio, they believe in their founder’s outlook: to always be honest and confident. Honest and confident that they include quality ingredients at affordable prices to provide customers with the best overall product experience.


Lightweight sunblock is a moisturizing powerhouse. The formula doesn’t contain any water but instead gets its hydrating properties from six types of grain extracts: rice extract, mung bean seed extract, soybean seed extract, oat kernel extract, quinoa seed extract, and coix lacryma seed extract. They are rich in proteins and amino acids and condition the skin to prevent dryness during sun exposure.


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