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iAMFit Dash Food Supplement w/ Chlorella, Zinc and Iron (60s)

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About iAMFit Dash Food Supplement w/ Chlorella, Zinc and Iron (60s)

Achieve optimum health with iAMFit Dash! This Chlorella, supercharged with naturally fortified Zinc and Iron, is 100% natural and boosts energy. Powered by Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), it detoxifies and flushes toxins, revitalizes the body’s healing process and energizes cells.


iAMFit Dash can supercharge your health in 3 ways:


• Detoxify - Rich in Chlorophyll, it aids in eliminating unwanted toxins and Iron, which helps in blood detoxification.

• Revitalize - Powered by Chlorella Growth Factor, iAMFit Dash’s Proactive Cell Rejuvenation slows down ageing and revitalizes cells. Its Zinc heightens immunity and boosts the body’s growth and development.

• Energize - Supercharged with Iron, iAMFit Dash helps in increasing energy levels and aids in better nutrient absorption.

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