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Lightwater Electrolyte Enhanced Water (650 ml) (Pack of 6)

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About Lightwater Electrolyte Enhanced Water (650 ml) (Pack of 6)

Recharge your body naturally with Lightwater. Water by itself will not fully hydrate the body, it’s the presence of electrolytes that allows our cells to fully absorb water and replenish the energy that keeps us going. Replenish your electrolytes and hydrate your body faster with Lightwater!


Lightwater contains pure water and electrolytes – calcium, potassium and magnesium, which are essential to our body’s proper function and overall wellness. Aside from helping our body hydrate faster, electrolytes regulate our nerve and muscle function, blood pH and blood pressure. Drink Lightwater daily and recharge naturally. It’s pure, natural, zero calorie refreshment.

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