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Lunguard Lung Supplement (10s)

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About Lunguard Lung Supplement (10s)

LUNGUARD® is your daily vitamins for lung immunity. It contains US patented Snow Pear young fruit extract together with 9 more natural ingredients that help BOOST your lung immunity, ENHANCE your lung function and IMPROVE your breathing.  


- FDA Approved  

- Plant-based (Vegan friendly)

- NON GMO; Cholesterol-free food; No Sugar Added; No food allergens

- Store at room temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight; Don't refrigerate

- Directions for use: Chew one tablet after meal. Once daily.  

- Recommended for adults to keep their lungs healthy.

- Power-packed with 10 Natural Herbs and Botanicals: Snow pear young fruit extract (Source of Vit. A, B, C, D, E, Calcium, Phosphorus), Licorice exract (contains glycyrrhizin that help against upper respiratory tract infection) , Honeysuckle (novel agent for lung inflammation), Grape seed extract (contains proanthocyanidins that is 50x greater than Vit. C), Tremella fuciformis (source of vitamin D), Balloon flower (contains saponins wich helps moisten the lungs), Monk fruit (contains mogrosides that help relieve sore throat & hoarseness of voice), Peppermint leaves (contains menthol that is an effective expectorant), Barley grass (source of Vit. A&C), Konjac (source of soluble dietary fiber)

- Each pouch contains 10 chewable tablets

- Made in a manufacturing facility that is Certified ISO22000, GMP, NSF, HACCP

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