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Mamaway Mickey Kaleidoscopes Baby Ring Sling

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About Mamaway Mickey Kaleidoscopes Baby Ring Sling

A hero to moms everywhere, Mamaway is your partner in providing your child the best care possible. Look good and feel good with Mamaway, an up and coming brand that provides beautiful, quality maternity wear for all moms. For every milestone of motherhood, Mamaway is with you anytime, anywhere.

Mamaway Mickey Kaleidoscopes Baby Ring Sling is a one-size-for-all baby sling carrier for infants to toddlers which allows you to snuggle, settle and breastfeed your little one comfortably. With this baby sling, you can settle at home or breastfeed even on-the-go, hands-free! Your baby’s hips and thighs form a healthy “M '' shape hip development, with weight evenly distributed. And with newborn carry position, your baby can snug like in your womb. It’s easy to transport too with its pocket design!


M-Position: Baby's thighs are held deep and wide within the sling, promoting healthy hip development.

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