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Megan Sugar Honey Hot Wax Kit

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About Megan Sugar Honey Hot Wax Kit

Megan Hot Wax Kit enriched with sugar honey extract effectively removes the hair from the root, thus new hair will grow thinner. It is practical and economical because you can reuse and reheat the wax for several application.


Care and use:

•Use soap and water to wash the skin and clean it dry.

•Heat the melting pan with the Megan Hot Wax in low heat.

•After melting, cool down the Megan Hot Wax to a warm and manageable heat.

•Test the temperature of the Megan Hot Wax on small area before applying.

•Spread the Megan Hot Wax on dry skin with spatula.

•Let the Megan Hot Wax to cool and harden for 20 seconds to better grasp the hair.

•Pull the end of the Megan Hot Wax against the hair growth in one quick motion.

•If the Megan Hot Wax did not cool enough, the wax will be sticky.

•Repeat as necessary.

•Clean the skin with warm water.

•Temporary redness on the waxed area is normal.

•Do not apply cream or lotions on the waxed area after waxing.

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