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Offblak Squeeze Me - Jasmine & Orange Green Tea (12 teabags)

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About Offblak Squeeze Me - Jasmine & Orange Green Tea (12 teabags)

OFFBLAK is a new generation of tea that serves you tea with benefits! Made from the finest all natural ingredients and whole leaf tea, Offblak believes that tea shouldn't just be black, it should be anything but! Enjoy great taste, exciting flavours, convenience, and style! Offblak has four (4) collections with unique benefits- GLOW, CAFF FREE, CHILL OUT, and FULLY CHARGED.  


CHILL OUT Collection. Sit back & relax! Enjoy the chilled vibes of these bold & indulgent dessert flavours. Black tea helps with digestion and boost metabolism. Enjoy this guilt-free dessert alternative without the calories! High caffeine from black tea.




Ingredients:  Green Tea, Lemongrass, Orange Peel, Orange Flowers, Jasmine Extract


How to enjoy Offblak Tea: Steep on hot water for 2-3 minutes, remove the teabag after steeping to avoid getting bitter. For iced tea, pour over a glass full of ice or steep in cold water overnight for cold brew tea!

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