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Timeflys Crown Baby Audio Monitor and Pager

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About Timeflys Crown Baby Audio Monitor and Pager

TimeFlys is the world's most advanced baby monitor to date. Monitor your baby 24/7 simple and easy. TimeFlys was founded in 2002, it has manufactured over 6 million audio and video baby monitor for customers worldwide. Look after your children in a simple and easy way with their baby monitors.


Keep your baby safe with the one of the most advanced audio monitors in the market. Timeflys’ Crown baby monitor has a 2-way audio communication that allows you to soothe your baby in the nursery from your own bed. Too sleepy, mama? Just play any of this monitor's 8 music lullabies to put your baby back to sleep. It also doubles as a remote-controlled night light with a parent pager function, which you can set to vibrate for alerts. It comes with an LCD display that monitors the temperature in the baby's room with a long operational range of 150 to 300 meters.


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