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Timeflys Marathon Baby Video Monitor

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About Timeflys Marathon Baby Video Monitor

The most advanced video monitor from Timeflys has a 2-way communication that allows you to soothe your restless baby in the nursery room. Just relax, mama. You can talk through this monitor to your baby or play any of this device's 8 music lullabies from the comfort of your own bed. It has a 3.5-inch color LCD display. Through it, you can use the remote-controlled night light to visually check on the baby every time the parent monitor gives off a sound or vibration alert. It can even monitor the temperature in the baby room--the high temperature alert comes on if the temperature is over 30 degrees celsius; the low temperature alert comes on if the temperature is below 16 degrees celsius. The battery is powerful enough to work up to 9 straight hours. And get this: this device doesn't require a WiFi connection! Operational range is 50 meters. It is using radio frequency like TV so range is naturally shorter plus it is using a video.


Replacement Policy for TIMEFLYS Baby Audio and Video Monitors


Stellarone Global, Inc. is committed to provide the best quality products under its portfolio to our customers. We are proud to be able to provide a 1 year warranty to our Timeflys Baby Monitor portfolio. As such, we expect also our dealers/re-sellers/partners to provide utmost care in handling our product. Together with your help and guidance to our Customers, we expect a seamless and problem free use of our product.


Policy and Procedures for Returns


1. We do not repair or do parts replacements. Any defects reported in one or more of the functioning parts of the product can be eligible for outright replacement.


2. Dealers/Re-sellers/Partners should ensure all complete package, including box and accompanying accessories are returned by the customer.


3. Customer should be able to show to the dealer/re-sellers/partners reasonable proof of defects or non-functioning aspects of the camera or its peripherals. Reasonable proof of defects does NOT include damages due to negligence of handling or shipping of the product brought about by improper handling of the product by dealer/re-seller/partners’ store personnel , or, by negligence of Customers ( e.g. Dropping the product, subjecting the product in moisture or wet environment, etc.)


4. Dealers/Re-sellers/Partners should exercise due diligence and fair evaluation in troubleshooting the reported problem, up to the limits of their expertise.


5. Dealers/Re-sellers/Partners should note down the following information:


a. Name of Customer

b. Address of Customer

c. Contact Number of Customer

d. Email of Customer

e. Receipt Number of Customer, including Location/Branch and Date of Purchase

f. Make and Model of the Timeflys Baby Monitor

g. Serial Number of the product

h. Reason for replacement


6. An email of the Request for Replacement should be sent to : stellaroneglobal@gmail.com . Please put as email heading: REQUEST FOR REPLACEMENT (name of Dealer/Re-seller/Partner) .

Email should contain all pertinent details requested in Item 5.


7. Returned items must be shipped by Dealers/Re-sellers/Partners, at their cost, to :

Stellarone Global, Inc.

Unit 3006 30F One Corporate Center

Meralco Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City


Policy and Procedure for Replacement


1. Dealers/Re-sellers/Partners have the option to immediately replace the Customer with another brand new equivalent Timeflys Baby Monitor, available from their inventory. This is to promote good customer experience.

2. Upon receipt of the Returned Items, we shall, within 7 days, conduct internal testing and validation of the product to ensure that reason for return is valid.

3. For validated defects and issues on the product, we shall replace our dealer/re-seller/partner with the corresponding product within 15 days.

4. All replacement products shall be delivered to a single pre-agreed receiving warehouse of the Dealer/Re-seller/Partner.

5. Stellarone Global, Inc. has the right to refuse replacement of products, if it was deemed that the above policies and procedures were invoked with fraudulent or falsified reason and intent, and/or the Dealer/Re-Seller/Partner has abused the provisions set forth in the above guidelines.


For strict compliance on the above matters.

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