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Tooky Toy 6 In Mini Animal Puzzle

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About Tooky Toy 6 In Mini Animal Puzzle

Tooky Toy is in town! Driven by their dream to make the best wooden toys possible, Tooky Toy offers durable wooden toys that are manufactured eco-friendly! Enjoy a fun and creative playtime with Tooky Toy today!

Tooky Toy 6 In Mini Animal Puzzle is a colorful mini animal-themed puzzle, perfect for ages 1 year and up. Made from high-quality wood with colorful design, you can make playtimes more fun, colorful and educational! Your child can name the animals and describe where each one goes. Plus, you can point out pictures under the pieces to prompt your child to replace them in the right spaces; therefore, you’re helping them develop dexterity and creativity. Not only that, but you can also encourage lots of exploration and imagination and broadening of language skills!

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