Yaro Slings Waltz Duo Woven Wrap (Grey/Orange) (Medium)

Yaro Slings Waltz Duo Woven Wrap (Grey/Orange) (Medium)
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About Yaro Slings Waltz Duo Woven Wrap (Grey/Orange) (Medium)

Yaro Slings Woven Wraps are a favorite amongst babywearers because of their eye-catching designs, and their wide array of yarns. Babywear your little one with this beloved brand from the Netherlands.


✓ 100% Cotton

✓ Dozens of carries in one long fabric!  

✓ Safety-tested according to EU Standards

✓ Made in the Netherlands

✓ OEKO-TEX 100 Certified

✓ Can be used with newborns, babies and toddlers

✓ Ergonomic and supports the proper M position of babies when babywearing  


Wraps, ring slings and carriers meant for newborns are required to put a minimum weight. Most wraps are labeled for use with babies who weigh at least 3.5kg. With the help of babywearing consultants and peer counsellors, you can safely and comfortably wear even premature babies smaller than 3.5kg. Please seek the help of a professional or certified babywearing consultant for these matters.




Your base size is the length of wrap that you can comfortably use for a standard front wrap cross-carry (FWCC). Follow these sizes to help you find the best size that will work for best you.  


If you wear a shirt size:

XS to Small: Size 5 or 4.2m

Medium to L/XL: Size 6 or 4.6m

XL-XXL: Size 7


A longer wrap is better so that you won't run out of fabric if you are following certain carries. You can always make another pass for better support, or do a fancy finish with the extra fabric!

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